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Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance fraud, also called false insurance claims refers to false claims that have been filed with the intention of defrauding an insurance provider or user. Insurance fraud may be committed against insurance companies or insurance policy holders. According to government estimates, fraudulent insurance claims account for 10% or about $30 billion every year of the expenses incurred by the insurance industry.

Common insurance frauds include inflating actual claims, known as padding, submitting claims for false injuries or fraudulent claims of damage, submitting tweaked facts and submitting claims over staged accidents. Some types of frauds are more rampant in some states. For instance, the sale of unauthorized health insurance is a common fraudulent practice in Texas. In this case, unlicensed companies sell false insurance policies even though these do not meet the state's minimum financial requirements. The company continues to collect premiums and doles out insignificant amounts of money from time to time. However, when there is an emergency and a really heavy claim is made, the company simply vanishes from the scene.

Some of the common kinds of insurance frauds in existence include:

Medical claim Automobile collision Worker's compensation Frauds against seniors Fire
The rampant nature of insurance frauds in the US has led to the formation of fraud bureaus in 41 states. Some states even have two bureaus. Many of these bureaus have law enforcement powers.  

Any person or company accused of insurance fraud charges must retain the services of an efficient insurance fraud lawyer. There are two essential components of fraud; the intention to deceive and fraudulent measures that induce a company to pay more. In such cases, timely action is important as companies or false claimants usually cover up their actions if given enough time. In many cases, by the time the case comes to the insurance fraud defense lawyer, the company or claimant has had enough time and opportunity to cook up information that can cloud the issue.

Your insurance fraud lawyer must have vast experience practicing in the field of insurance frauds. Frauds may take on various forms and it is vital that you select a defense lawyer who specializes in the area of concern to you. Some fraud schemes are so elaborate and complex that they easily implicate people who had no active part in the fraud. To take on a well-funded and well-prepared prosecution, you need an aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney.
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