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Not So Ordinary Events in an Ordinary Life


There are things in life that are better left alone. For many people, the experience I had during the latter part of this last century would count as one of those things. I am very familiar with the sciences, no expert; but I keep an open mind. Whatever new or cutting edge research that is being done, I like to read as much as I can. Its a hobby of mine, as I am sure it is with many people. I had a professor once state that, " The more you gain in knowledge, the more you realize just how little your truly know". What I took from this was that; with increased knowledge comes the realization that no matter how much knowledge you attain you will never know enough. This is very true, in my opinion. The world is full of information, things we think we know, things that seem true. Then we also have to take into account our eyeballs and the way our brain interprets the information it receives from those eyes. This explains why two people who witness the same event can have differing versions of the truth. The truth is that we live in a world where much of the information that we receive gets filtered, watered, down and twisted to such a degree that we have to ask ourselves; "What is the truth once it is changed to such an extent?" Much of what we take in through out the day turns out to be only one version of truth based upon actual events. Then there are those cutting edge research truths that turn out to be otherwise, but remain true for a time. This truth is given power through belief. The majority of people once believed the earth was flat, now we know better. The fact remains that that was a truth for a long time. The earth is not flat and yet many believed that it was and so that was truth. Truth does not always stand the test of time. We must consider all of these points when we look at unexplained events.

Mysteries for the ages

There are instances throughout history where certain events are ignored for the sake of sanity. Of course other people relish in these challenges and take on such stories head on with the determination of proving or disproving the event in question. There are many instances throughout history where strange objects were found or seen where they should not be. A spark plug found encased in stone that predates that technology. A toad encased in stone and still alive when the rock is split open. There was even a case where miners believed they released a pterodactyl encased in stone, still alive. All of these animals died soon after there release. Are these stories true? Similar stories have been told and retold for years. Even if we assume that most are lying, we cannot state that all are lying. Even with one or two of these stories remaining true we are still faced with the inexplicable. The more popular topics are the Lochness Monster, Bigfoot, UFOs, Shadow figures, and so on. With each topic you will find believers, non believers, with the majority of the population in the middle or simply willing to turn a blind eye. One of my personal favorites is the "Sandal and the Trilobite". An individual was out fossil hunting when he split open a rock and discovered what he believed to be a sandal impression crushing a trilobite. What are we to make of this? One explanation put forth has a larger trilobite coming to rest on a smaller trilobite. This larger trilobite would have left the candle like impression with the trilobite clearly crushed beneath it. It could also simply be the way the rock formed. A trilobite came to be fossilized and when the stone broke open it appeared to be a candle footprint crushing the trilobite. Much like those famous toasted cheese sandwiches an image of Jesus or the virgin Mary on them. Sometimes we like to see what we want to see. Of course, it could also be a human foot wearing a sandal that stepped on and crushed a trilobite. We don't like to think of such things as being true. We can only state that it is highly unlikely that human beings lived while trilobites lived, let alone were wearing sandals. We could also assume that a visitor from another world stepped on that trilobite and crushed it, leaving their footprint to find millions of years later. There is also the possibility that a small population of trilobites survived and went extinct right around the time early man began wearing sandals. Whatever the truth, the fact remains that we are faced with this unexplainable event. The best we can hope for is coming up with versions of the truth that we can believe in. Some people will latch on to one version and feel better about the whole situation. While at the same time other individuals will choose a different version to believe in, because it makes the world make sense to them somehow. Me, I don't know what to believe. I prefer to take in the information and then store it away for a later date. To me that is the only safe way to process information in this day and age. We are bombarded with multiple versions of the truth on a daily basis. By keeping an open mind and acquiring as much knowledge as possible you are positioning yourself to stumble upon the truth all on your own. It is very possible, because of this one simple fact; A series of events occurred leading to the dilemma, all we need to do is figure out the events that lead to the existence of the question. If we do this then it will only be a matter of time before we deduce the truth.

Another famous tale from the past was called, "New England's Dark Day". There was a period of time during the 18th or 19th century when the day became dark as night all across New England. This remained a mystery for years until recently. It turns out that a massive forest fire in Canada may have been to blame. Scientific evidence exists to suggest that it was something as simple as fire that lead to this great mystery. Case closed. This explanation may not sit well with some, but I have read the research and I have found it to be a credible explanation supported by scientific evidence. Another wonderful example of this are all of those famous spontaneous combustion cases. For years it remained a mystery as to how a person could burst in to flames and then have only some parts burn perfectly and completely while leaving a foot or a hand untouched. With a little big of research and experimentation we came to find out that a human body burns really good. Especially the fat, all that is needed is some sort of ignition source. It was also speculated that depending on how a person is clothed it could create a wick effect. This could explain how a body could burn so intensely in some areas while leaving the room, surroundings, and certain body parts untouched. So, here again we have another unexplained event that had a very real and rational explanation. What does this teach us? Well, it teaches us that if these events can be witnessed and experienced over and over for thousands of years that there is truth. As unbelievable as these tails were, it turns out they were true and there was a very logical explanation. This leaves us with having to deal with many other stories that are being told or have been told by thousands more people that are stranger and more difficult to believe. What do we then make of ghost stories, UFO stories, stories of Bigfoot or Lochness. We know from the mysteries that we have explained that it turns out that those events did occur and that they had a logical explanation for them. So now we feel comfortable believing all of those people that we once enjoyed calling a liar or crazy? This forces us to have to at least assume that a great deal more people are telling the truth about events that remain unexplained. More people than we would like. That fact causes me to cringe when I attempt to figure out how a human footprint can come to be found walking next to a set of dinosaur footprints. There are so many more, too many to cover in this one paper.

My Encounter with a UFO

This title alone has some of you cringing or rolling your eyes. Some of you are thinking, "Great, another crackpot who thinks he saw little green Martians". That is fine, some people would rather seek the comfort of ignorance rather than seeking the liberation of truth. Once I relay my own personal experience I do not expect anyone to believe me. Why should they? I had this experience, and I saw it with my own two eyes. Unless someone is standing right beside me to witness the same event, I wouldn't expect anyone to believe me fully. The reason is that no one will believe an a truth more than the individual who discovers that truth. I experienced this, and no one else did, therefor; it will only ever be 100% true to me. Some of you may embrace my life experience, but even then there will always be doubt. That is a good thing. It goes back to what I said about taking in information for consideration only. Formulating concrete truths over second hand information can be a dangerous undertaking. The only safe concrete truths are the ones we experience ourselves. Everything else must only be taken with a grain of salt. I can also understand fully why many scientific minds may have a problem with my experience. They see the vastness of space as something too immense to overcome. It does seem that way, space is mind boggling big. That does not mean that some other race of beings have not figured out something that we are not advanced enough to realize for ourselves. To me that seems pretty arrogant. We have only been Industrialized for a few hundred years. That's a fart on the cosmic scale of things. Who's to say that another race of beings some1000 years beyond our technology has not figured out a way to zip around the stars? I know, Einstein, and Relativity, and blah blah blah. Einstein was a brilliant man and he did make some discoveries along with some interesting observations. I laugh when I try and figure out why we can't believe that an advanced species cannot travel to earth, but we are more than happy to believe that time is a thing that is woven together with space to give us a "Space Time" fabric. Am I the only one that realizes just how bleeping retarded that sounds? Time is a concept, not yarn. The same goes for space! We have discovered some truths about our universe, but we are far from discovering them all. It takes time, but just as our knowledge of our solar system evolved, so too will our knowledge of the bigger picture. Many of the great scientific minds of their day believed in things that we know now not to be true. If you look back over there distinguished careers, you will find many brilliant contributions that hold true to this day. What I am saying is, that it does not matter who you are; you will be wrong as many times as you will be right in your lifetime. Einstein hit the photoelectric effect right on the head, while some of his other concepts are fuzzy at best. I will never state the math is wrong, I suck at math. I will only say that the conclusions drawn from that math may be inaccurate.

Slowly the scientific community has warmed up to the fact that the odds are that life exists somewhere out in space. I am pretty damn sure of it. The problem is that there are just sooo many stars out there, with planets orbiting them, and moons orbiting the planets. Hundreds of billions of stars contained within a single galaxy, one of hundreds of billions of more galaxies. It would be irresponsible for us to believe that we are it. The odds are that space is teaming with life, we just have yet to develop a sophisticated enough ability to look where we need to look. I am talking about advanced forms of life, not microbes. It is possible we have already found evidence of life in that form elsewhere. We are finding life on some of the most inhospitable places on the earth. Why not in space? The fact is that life may be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more abundant than we realize, and intelligent life waaaaay more abundant than we believe. Some of these advanced beings would naturally have a more evolved notion of the universe around them. Perhaps a race of beings has been around so long that they have figured out all of the big secrets. Maybe coming to earth for them is no different than you or I going out for pizza?!

The jury was out for me as to whether or not we had been visited by intelligences beyond our own planet. I believed that is was highly probable that life existed elsewhere in space, and possible that they could have visited the earth before. These were just assumptions based upon outside information. Information I gathered in school, from the news, friends, books, magazines, etc. I had no concrete evidence or proof for myself, so the best I could do was make assumptions. That is until that night when I saw proof of life beyond our world. I am 99.9% sure that what I saw was not of this earth with the other 0.1% reserved for the highly unlikely possibility that what I saw was a secret military or scientific experiment. So here is my tale for your consideration.

At around 11:00/11:30 pm I was standing out on my deck looking up at the stars. I did this a lot, because where I lived I could see hundreds of stars. I do not recall the time of year only that it was not that cold and there was no snow on the ground. I know that school was in session, because my brother was home visiting from college. It must have been around early October, or early April would be the times of year that suited the temperature that I remember. I do remember the time of night and the events that followed quite clearly. If you have a map of the United States than take it out and look at the state of Maine. On that map and in that state you should see a town called Rockland, and next to that a town called Owls Head. I grew up in Owls Head and it is the location of the following events. I lived not far from the ocean, in fact on some nights when the wind was just right and the waves were rough I could hear them crashing on the nearby beach. I will also get this point out of the way, YES, I LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO A SMALL AIRPORT. Knox county regional airport to be exact. Some people might think that this somehow makes it a fact that what I am about to describe must have been a plane. Had to be because the alternative assaults the senses and it is the only rational explanation. I beg to differ. I am very familiar with the things I should and would typically see growing up next to that airport. I assure you that what I saw was nothing like I had ever seen before, or have ever seen since. And I have seen some pretty convincing things. For instance, some visitors to my home were duped when a plane would be coming in for a landing from the south at night. They would see the light through the trees and be like, "Dude, what's that". They would as that, because they were naturally unfamiliar with something that I had grown up with. I was used to it and knew exactly what it was. More recently I have noticed what I like to call "Night Bursts". The first time I saw one I had to think on it for a while to try and comprehend what I had seen. It soon occurred to me that the sudden bright flashes I had been seeing in the night sky were satellites. These flashes would start out as a pinpoint of light and then would grow intensely, flash, and then disappear. What I realized was that as a satellite moves across the night sky, if it catches the suns light just right, it can direct it back towards earth. If you happen to be standing in the path of this directed light then you would see what appeared to be a star growing very bright and then dimming down again. I looked at all the evidence and then took the time to formulate the proper conclusion. That doesn't mean I was right, perhaps it was the space station or space junk. Doesn't matter, I knew that something was up there catching the sun's rays just right and directing down to my eyes. What I saw that night could not be explained, and remains my only sole experience with an unidentified flying object.

The object appeared out of the east and moved across the night sky to the west. It was roughly 75 degrees above the horizon and moving in an unusual way. As it moved across the sky it would flip, rotate and then flip and rotate again. This was its flight pattern as it moved across the sky. I could make out this movement thanks to the red lights it had, one on each point. The craft was either a six sided diamond shaped or an eight sided diamond shaped object. I believe the later based upon its motion across the sky. The object itself was a very jet black color, so black that I could easily make out the craft against the background above. I cannot say how high up it was, only that it appeared to me to be fairly low in the sky, perhaps only a few thousand feet. As it moved across the sky it would rotate and then flip, rotate and flip, rotate and flip. It continued this movement until I lost sight of the object over the trees. The single red light on each corner really allowed for me to see this rotation and flipping clearly. That was the one solid fact that convinced me that what I was seeing was not of this world. I naturally opened my front door and yelled for my brother to come quick. I never took my eyes of the object while I continued to try and convince him to hurry his ass up. He was engrossed in a television show and was starting to dose on the couch. Once I finally convinced him to come out, you guessed it, the object was out of site. I was more disappointed than pissed off, because I knew how it was going to look. I didn't have a witness, that just left me with a story. An incredible story, but a story none the less. My brother believed me, but it would have been more comforting to have the eye witness to corroborate what I had seen.

So, what do I believe I saw. I do not believe that there were any little green men on board. I don't believe anyone at all was on board. It flew in a straight line across the sky from east to west, flipping and rotating in a regular pattern along the way. It was at night and I didn't really have a whole lot of indicators to show me exactly how big the object was vs how high up it was. Like I said before I believed it was fairly low in the sky and I also believed that it was not a very large vessel. No bigger than bus. I can only speculate based upon what I had seen. What I believe I saw was a satellite that was surveying our planet for whatever reason. Perhaps it was sent here for scientific research or to ascertain if this planet has life, resources, etc. We can speculate as to the vessels purpose, but at the end of the day we will probably never know. Much like we send satellites to observe and research our nearby planets and moons within our own solar system this vessel was sent here to look at us. I assume there were no beings on this vessel based upon the fallacy that a being would get ill flying in a ship flipping and rotating across the sky. Perhaps that motion is normal or enjoyable to the life forms aboard, or perhaps they have figured out a way to overcome the inertial problems. I would also assume that the ship was too small for anyone to be on board, but they could just be tiny little smart aliens. Who knows, really unless they come back and fill us in on the details, I will never know. As I said before, I believe that this was a satellite sent to earth for the purposes of research. Once that UFO was finished surveying our planet it began its journey back to wherever it came from. Leaving me behind to try an comprehend what it was I had just seen.

This was a life altering event for me. Before this event I only believed in the possibilities of this or that being true. After that experience, I now know that there is something else out there. They have expressed interest in researching and surveying our planet. I know this, because I saw the evidence with my own eyes. The way this object moved across the sky simply does not fit with our current knowledge of aerodynamics and propulsion. This was a technology beyond our my knowledge. But until some secret government program operative comes forward to claim responsibility I will have to go with the little green men and the belief that we are not alone.

An Interesting Whether Event

This is no where near as amazing of a life experience as my encounter with a UFO. Still though, it ranks right up there with some interesting whether events. Some of these events have included fish or frogs raining from the sky, ball lighting, angel hair, and so on. Mine falls into the odd storm variety. When I was a child, around 7 or 8 years old I remember the single most interesting storm cloud I had ever witnessed in my life and I am 31 now. I have only seen one other event come close to this when I was round 22, but it was no where near as strange or spectacular. I will describe it at the end of this section.

When I was a child I witnessed the most interesting storm cloud I had ever seen. I remember the sky being a very dark shade of blue all around this cloud with no other clouds in sight. The storm cloud appeared to be extremely high up in the sky. The thunder was loud, but you could tell it was coming from a great distance. Lightning was constantly flashing out from the cloud and then returning back into and around this intense little storm cloud. I just stood there looking up in amazement as the cloud moved very slowly across the sky. It seemed to have all of the furry of a full blown storm cell, but it was a tiny dark storm cloud. The flashes of lighting and thunder were almost constant. This could was moving so slowly that I eventually got tired of marveling at it and went back inside. I remember very little of my childhood, but that memory remains one of my most vivid memory. I couldn't comprehend how such a little cloud could be acting like a big storm. I was only a kid then, but as I got older and learned more and more about the way weather systems and thunderstorms worked I began to realize the significance of what I had seen. I also came across a similar story in "Mysteries of the Unexplained" where a person witnessed another small cloud system that seemed to have ball lighting dancing around it as it moved across the sky. I couldn't help but think that the same mechanisms were at work behind these compact little storm clouds. Since they are not a common occurrence than it is reasonable to assume that some set of special circumstances need to occur to allow for a small intense storm like this to form independent of any nearby storm systems. Perhaps one day soon they will be able to fully explain how such a small cloud can pack so much energy.

I hypothesize that it may have been due to a pocket of warm moist air becoming trapped and surrounded by much cooler air. For whatever reason this pocket of warm air is prevented from rising any further. At the same time the moisture has condensed out to form a cloud that is the same size and shape of the pocket of trapped air. The extreme difference in temperature coupled with the moisture may provide the energy needed for a nasty little storm cloud. It just takes the right conditions.


This about sums up the two strangest events of my life. I consider myself lucky to have experienced them. Some people go their whole lives without ever experiencing anything out of the ordinary. Some would say that is a blessing, I would rather have the out of the ordinary. Growing up I always tried to reconcile things, figure things out, and discover what truth there may be out there. For the most part I had to settle for second hand information passed on through the ages and by various mediums. The significance of the storm cloud I had witnessed when I was a boy eluded me at the time. It wasn't until some years later that I was able to fully appreciate what I had seen. The UFO on the other hand was icing on the cake and far more important of an event to me. As interesting as that compact little storm was, it was still an earth bound natural event under the right conditions. The UFO was something entirely different. It was a confirmation, at least for me, that we are not alone in the Universe. And if that is true than it is equally likely that there are many more different races of beings spread out across the stars. The fact that I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an actual UFO is something I will continue to be grateful for until the day I die.
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