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NYC PC Support For Companies

While Apple may be making headline after headline with the latest iPhone or iPod release, most businesses in the NYC area still rely on NYC PC-based networks for both internal and external computer office functions. And PCs in New York or New Jersey, while less expensive and more customizable than Macs, are still as vulnerable to malware and spyware as ever. That’s why its so essential for every business that uses a New York City PC network to either establish a well-versed and cutting edge internal IT department or to secure a professional IT services firm.

Locating PC Support in NYC is no easy task, though. “A lot of small businesses in New Jersey, New York City and even Long Island rely on personal contacts to find IT consultants,” says Einat Aviraz-Sibony, President of NYC computer services firm Uptime ( “But just because your cousin’s brother-in-law used to work for MicroSoft doesn’t mean his one-man shop is the best choice for your company’s IT needs.” Here are some tips for locating the Manhattan PC support team that’s the best fit for your company’s needs.

Do They Provide Manhattan IT Maintenance Packages or Just NYC Disaster Recovery?

Of course you want someone on call if your NYC PC network crashes, but even more important is a team that’s willing to download and install periodic upgrades, suggest improvements, and maintain ( the health of your Manhattan IT system.

Do They Offer Manhattan Online Backup?

Most businesses are opting for NY cloud-based backup systems. Why? They’re offsite and tend to be more cost effective due to the lack of upfront hardware investment needed. Any group ( that offers you PC support will either also offer virtual backup, partner with someone who does, or be able to recommend a company they trust.

Will They Be There When Disaster Strikes?

If the New York PC support team you hire has just one or two employees the chances that someone will be available when your system crashes are slim. Choose an IT services firm that boasts a full staff that way you won’t be left high and dry when your computer system hiccups.

Recommendations From A Reliable Source

Choosing a relative or friend to provide your company with NJ or NY PC support is not always a wise choice, but if that relative or friend comes recommended by several other businesses in similar fields it may actually be the right one. Ask specifically about how the firm responded to “disasters” and if they suggested key upgrades at appropriate times in the company’s evolution.

Think of your PC support and IT services group as an extension of your internal team: you need to make sure they’re thinking about your business’ NYC computer system infrastructure and health. In short, you need to make sure they’re anticipating and circumventing problems that may arise.

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