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Pay Per Click – 5 Ways To Effectively Attract Buyers

Pay per click, the market now lead by Google's Adwords, is the quickest way to send targeted visitors to your website. The days of testing whether a product has appeal or not is made easier with pay per click (PPC). But before you dive into pay per click advertising, know how the game is played first instead of losing hundreds of dollars for nothing. Below are 5 simple things you can do to create a successful PPC campaign and attract targeted buyers to your website.

1. Your keywords should appear on your URL

Pay per click is a game of keywords. You have spent time on choosing the keywords for your ads but a lot of people neglect displaying the keywords on their URL.

If you're targeting the keyword 'profit with adsense' then your display URL should have this keyword phrase in it.

Visitors looking at your advertisement will see the URL and will assume that the website contains information specifically to what they are searching for.

This will increase the click through rate (CTR) of your pay per click campaigns because Google Adwords for example, will decrease the cost of your clicks if your click through rate is high.

You are getting more clicks for a cheaper price.

2. Test the position of your advertisement

The majority of inexperienced internet marketers will try to bid their clicks for the first position. Various tests have shown that the first position is not the best position. The best positions are 3rd, 4th or 5th.

The reasons are that many visitors will click on the first position and second position. However, for serious buyers (which are the visitors you want to attract) they tend to click on a few more ads because they want to find out more and compare.

So if your PPC ad is on a few positions below the first and second position, it will have more chance of being the last ad they click on. This means they are more likely to buy from you if the offer is better than the previous ones they've seen.

3. Test the keywords of your PPC

If you have an ad which is getting a lot of clicks, do not alter it. There are some elements there which are attracting people to click on it. You need to use it as a 'control'

Create an extra ad and play around with the words that are similar to your 'control'. You need to continuously try and see if you can beat the CTR of your PPC 'control'.

Many people make the mistake of altering their 'control' and cannot get back the CTR because they forgot what their 'control' ad looked like.

4. Your landing page

Once the visitors click on your ad they will see your landing page. This page needs to contain information specifically to what they are searching for. The keywords need to be displayed on the browser's title and also a headline displaying the keywords is essential.

As soon as your webpage confuses the visitor and they think it is unrelated to what they have clicked on, they'll leave immediately.

5. Have an email capturing process

No matter if you want to sell your own product or an affiliate product, you need to capture the email address of the visitor on your landing page.

You have paid for the click so now you need a way to communicate with the visitor regularly and have them become your loyal customer. If you're not capturing email addresses on your landing page then you're not doing PPC marketing properly.

Pay per click (ppc) costs money so you need to spend time learning how to maximize your dollars. Using these 5 simple techniques you now have a good chance of creating a successful PPC campaign. However you need to also spend time studying different ways of generating web traffic. I've spend a lot of time on different techniques to increase web traffic to my blog which is just as effective as pay per click advertising.

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