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Joy Can be Found in Every Moment

Many people set aside perhaps at most, several days of the year to celebrate.  Perhaps close family and friend’s birthdays, Christmas or someone’s wedding. It’s such a shame to confine celebration to just a few days a year.

Every day there is reason to celebrate. In every single experience you have, joy can be extracted.  In fact every moment of your living lives you can choose happiness, wonder and joy.

It doesn’t matter what you celebrate – the main point is that you celebrate.  Don’t worry and pay attention to other people’s tragic lives and what they have chosen.

Focus instead on your life and the joyful choices you make every day.  Before you wake up in the morning make it a point to find just one thing to celebrate. Simply being alive and breathing is reason enough to celebrate.

And your celebration doesn’t have to be elaborate or even cost any money.  You could buy yourself a bunch of $5 flowers from the newsagents or you could go and pick some wild daisies from your yard.  

You could go and have a luxurious bubble bath while listening to your favourite music or while reading an engrossing novel.  You could go out for a coffee with your best friend and enjoy a giant piece of cake.

There are so many things to celebrate and so many ways you can celebrate. Be creative.  The more you look for joyous moments the more joy you will experience every day.

And you will find not only one thing to celebrate but hundreds!

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