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Take Interactivity to the Next Level with the Audience Response System

PowerCom is a unique and powerful Audience Response System that is designed to be used with PowerPoint presentation software. With this unique system, you can place interactive polls into your presentations; audience members at special events and conventions can use an Audience Response Keypad to instantly vote in these polls. The results of these polls will instantly appear with the help of the PowerPoint presentation software.

With the PowerCom Audience Response System you can obtain poll results that are more honest and accurate than results you obtain from paper or online polling. Additionally, the PowerCom system can instantly provide you with feedback and charts that you can later use in the PowerPoint presentation software.

Additionally, you can gain the following from using this amazing Audience Response System:

•    you can identify and discover consumer buying motives

•    you can discover how consumers use specific products

•    you can gain feedback without worrying about facilitator influence

•    you can track changing trends in various demographic groups

•    you can determine whether you should invest in a product or company based on the results of your polls

•    you can gain extensive information about products and services before you officially launch them

Facilitator influence is one of the most damaging and altering elements that individuals struggle with when it comes to taking polls. However, by using the Audience Response System and the Audience Response Keypad, you will never have to worry about this outside influence again. You will get honest, direct, and concise results in every poll that you create for marketing or business purposes.

PowerCom is the leading resource in Audience Response System technology! With years of experience in the field, we have managed to come up with an amazing device and PowerPoint presentation software that is highly functional. With the use of the Audience Response System and the Audience Response Keypad you can add a new level of interactivity into every PowerPoint presentation that you make.

The Audience Response Keypad itself comes in two different types. You can choose from the Reply Worldwide and the Reply Plus Audience Response Keypad models. Whether you are conducting a presentation at a single location or broadcasting to thousands of people around the globe, you will quickly discover that the Audience Response System is very efficient and easy to manage. Additionally, there is no easier or more effective way to get the accurate results that you desire with little hassle.

If you [truly desire] want to add a unique and cutting edge spin on your next presentation and obtain reputable statistics, then you can’t go another day without the Audience Response Keypad from PowerCom. You can truly enhance your audience’s interactivity and make them feel like a part of all the action. This will retain their attention and will make them more interested in what you have to say. Without a doubt, this is the kind of PowerPoint presentation software that you need.

Additionally, the Audience Response system is very affordable.  No matter the size of your company or home business, you will discover that you can’t afford not to invest in this exciting advancement in interactive technology.

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