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Destroy Procrastination and Get Out of Debt

When you can't get out of debt, the world seems like a cloud is following you each and every day. It's hard to focus, and you can't seem to find a way out. To get out of debt, you probably think that procrastination is your problem. You go about trying to kill the procrastination by forcing yourself to do things that you find dreadful or don't have the skills to do.

If you want to get out of debt, start identifying the activities you do that keep you in debt. The things that make you procrastinate from paying off the debt. Do you continue to work at a job that you despise? Do you keep going out to dinner because you don't like to cook? Do you feel a sense of entitlement to buying things because you deserve it?

These are all things that won't help you get out of debt. They are the causes of procrastination. If you have a job that you don't like, start looking for one that you do. I had a friend that had a marriage that was on the rocks, and they were unsuccessful in life. He had come to a crossroads that required him to make the decision between taking a high paying job at an office or taking a job that didn't pay as well doing graphic design with a small company.

He really wanted the job that didn't pay as well, but he didn't see how it would help his family. I asked him, "Where do you see yourself a year from now if you take the high paying job?" He told me that he thought he would probably be divorced, working overtime, and depressed. "What if you took the job that doesn't pay as well," I asked. He told me that he would be happy and may even be able to increase his knowledge base and get a raise doing something that he loved.

That's your answer: do what you love. When you do what you love, you don't procrastinate. Have you ever gotten a splinter and tried to get rid of it? Did curing the splinter prevent this from happening again? No. Maybe you have a deck banister that needs sanding. Your body will reject the splinter, but it won't sand the deck for you if you don't want to. You might need to ask for some help or hire someone. Regardless, it wasn't the splinter that caused the problem.

Procrastination isn't the reason you can't get out of debt. It's the result. You can't get out of debt because you are attempting to do something that you don't love. Your mind's psychic immune system is called procrastination.

When you start setting monthly goals that only include doing things you love, you start to get out of debt. Once you do this for some time, you'll accumulate four or five things that will make you feel good about yourself. You'll start to notice that your life is filled with blessings instead of debt.

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