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An Internet Celebrity is Born in Southern Africa

The good news is that I have started on my celebrity journey. I could have put ‘Swaziland’ in the topic, but I chose Southern Africa because its my target area of dominance. Being a celebrity doesn’t just come, but it is earned. Today I’m writing articles to this directory as I also improve my online profile in my blog ‘’. I have learnt with great pain the success that comes with commitment and one that ends up at international recognition and eventually makes one a celebrity, that its by choice and often celebrities are promoted by group work. For example, Beyonce Knowles started out, or at least got noticed, with Destiny’s Child and she picked music as the sole life blood of her success. Similarly,  Michael Jackson with his brothers, so are many other musicians.



The internet is a business forum that can be used for many purposes. Many have started up motivational businesses based on the success they have made online. I believe that as I learn the tricks and grow my online earnings through my tested combination, I will make internet marketing my model for success. 165 motivational articles are posted to date in my blog, and I know they are read all over the world to make my name known in all four corners of the world. I notice with interest the growing number of articles that are translated into other languages and surely know that this makes good mileage for both my blog and my name also.


Unfortunately, some celebrities have to push their own agenda on their own, without getting assistance from anyone. I’m am one of those, and shall make it happen in the near future.  Actions speak louder than words and my celebrity agenda shall confirm it. I’m no lay about looser to fail reaching the 2 percent that make it big in internet marketing. Allow me to take up the challenge and simply watching my moves. You are welcome to view my articles that will inspire you to adopt an ‘none-failure’ attitude that will take you trough to seeing your dreams manifest.

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