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Internet Based Guerilla Armies Attacking National Internet Services and Grind Systems to a Halt

Internet based guerilla armies attacking national internet services and grind systems to a halt.

Latest attack is Kirgisistan which became isolated from the internet by hackers in January 2009.

An internet based guerilla army of hackers makes sure that Kirgistan is having problems with their internet access outside the country.

Since January 18th 2009 the two largest internet providers in Kirgistan has been exposed to massive attacks towards their services. Don Jackson, the director of threat intelligence company Secureworks Inc. says his company has observed this happening now.

The former Soviet republic is therefore without internet access. The attacks lasted for a period of time and could be tracked back to the same Russian guerilla army hackers that performed a military style operation towards Georgia in August 2008, when there were a conflict in northern parts of Georgia with two regions and Russia.

All traffic collected during these attacks has the same signature as the tools used in the Georgia attacks.

Speculations as to why these massive DDOS attacks happened is ongoing, but an investment agreement seems to be central to the whole matter says Jackson.

Russia has indicated that they want Kirgistan to protect against air forces from other countries, including the military airbase like Manas Airbase, as an exchange agreement that Russia borrows Kirgistan 300 million USD and invest 1.7 billion USD in the energy network of Kirgistan.

Jackson goes as far to say that he thinks former KGB employees in one way or another is behind the attacks. But experts looking into the matter can not find any proofs that can confirm this.

What is bothering the internet security society is the speed of the attack. To put it in perspective it has been an escalating pattern from the attacks towards Estland and Georgia in 2007 and 2008.

There seems to be routines in place to make a response and mobilization very fast and effective.

Previously it took days and maybe weeks to launch an attack of this size, now it only takes hours.

There seems to be a network by mouth that works before these attacks are enabled, as the attacks is launched with the help of so called botnets, which are large clones of Trojan infected machines around the world, in addition to dubious servers that also are involved in spam and phishing activities on the internet.

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