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The Law of Attraction and Depression

The Law of Attraction is difficult for people with a depressive state of mind. The whole concept of the Law, the attitude that makes it work, is one of positive thought.

Therefore, if you're pessimistic by nature and feel that although you're prepared to go through the motions, in your reality you feel that it'll never amount to anything. Because of this, your chances of enjoying the benefits of the Law are slim to nothing.

I would suggest, then, that before you do anything else, before you envision your new life, your new found wealth, that you dig into yourself as deeply as possible, right back into your childhood as far back as you can remember, and see if you can fathom those occurrences that produced the less than happy state in which you find yourself today.

It's so easy for people to tell you that you must always be in a positive frame of mind. They're perfectly correct, but let's assume you've just lost your job, or, if self employed, that your business is going from bad to worse. Your spouse, not being the most supportive person in the world, is showing distinct signs of restlessness to the point where she's taken a lover.

Now these setbacks would be difficult for anyone to take, even a person who's mind is free from depressive thoughts. The chances are that the marriage and the business have been going down hill now for some time. As far as the latter's concerned, you know you've done everything you can except, perhaps, diversify. So you concentrate on this and experience a fairly healthy turnaround.

All of a sudden, your wife and her lover have a blazing row, most especially as you're beginning to earn decent money again, and she decides she'll make up with you. Whether you accept this or not is outside the purview of this article, but you're certainly much more in a position of strength. You're very anxious to pursue the Law of Attraction, and now your mind has been eased by the general improvement in your circumstances, you redouble your efforts, determining that you won't allow such things to cloud your progress with the L of A in future.

Unfortunately, however, you're not of this type. As a child, you suffered from parents who never encouraged you in anything you did. Indeed, were you to do something well, the only reaction from them would be a sniff and a raising of the eyebrows. Through your early teens, you tried your best to please them, but to no avail. Finally, when you reached adolescence, you realized it was a pointless cause and that perhaps you were pretty hopeless. You'd been told you were often enough.

You proved that you were a good mechanical engineer, however, and held down a job in this capacity for a number of years. You came across the Law of Attraction and decided to try it. It made perfect sense to you, and you made a conscious effort to turn your thinking around until, for the most part, your thoughts were really quite positive. Then, through no fault of your own, you lost your job and all the memories of childhood came flooding back.

"You're useless." "Never amount to anything." So the good, positive thoughts you'd taken so long to nurture, flew out of the window, together with any hope of benefiting from the Law of Attraction. You don't suffer from major depression. Never have. Your thoughts just go hand in hand with pessimism. So through no fault of your own, you've been knocked off your perch again.

But, no more. You mustn't let this negativity conquer you. You have one life and you deserve all the good things it has to offer. Dig deeply into yourself. It'll take some time, probably, but exorcise all that nonsense you were forced to listen to as a child. Write it all down. Was any of it true? Of course not.

By doing this, you'll be well on the way to turning your life around and enjoying the benefits of the Law of Attraction
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