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3 Ways Negative People Can Destroy Your Chances of Attracting What You Want

Negative people can be a real poison to your life. Many people try to disguise their negative thoughts and feelings but although they try, there is still a dark cloud which follows them.

Transferred Energy

When a person is unhappy it results in a lost of energy. This lost of energy is very important to our well being and when a person looses this energy they become very needy. Even when they do not tell you what is going on their body and mind becomes like a vacuum waiting to absorb Your energy. When you are in the company of someone like this you can easily feel drained and miserable. Their body becomes like a sponge! This can be very damaging to the other person who may or may not be very balanced.

Its impossible to be positive when the energy is being drawn from you.

When People Use their Words to Hurt You

There is the other type of negative person. That one may not suck your energy like the other but this one will always expand his energy beyond yours. He or she always wants to dominate you. As each day passes you can feel yourself shrinking away. Suddenly there is no more of you.

Exposing the Green Eyed Monster

At first it can seem flattering to know that someone may admire you so much that they may even be jealous. However later you will find that small negative way is a big disease in your life. People who are jealous are the worst sort of negative people to have around you. Jealous people are often sly about their feelings towards you. Because jealous comes from the feeling of lacking what someone else has that you think you don't, envious people are always dreaming up disaster into your life.

Whether you know it or not those thoughts generate a thought wave which can hurt you very much. You can have a series of misfortunes or what others may call bad luck. Because you don't know who is influencing your energy you cannot fix it.
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