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How the Sandwich Generation Can Help Their Parents Create a Legacy of Meaning

As a Baby Boomer member of the Sandwich Generation, perhaps you have already had talks with your aging parents about their wills, beneficiaries, and advanced medical directives for hospital care. But have you discussed an ethical will or the legacy of meaning they wish to leave behind? As parents grow older, it becomes more important to them to be remembered for the life lessons they taught than for the material gifts they leave behind.

Rachel remembers her first experience with just such a legacy. "My mother-in-law was a wise woman. Although she wasn't able to continue her education beyond high school, her understanding of people rivaled that of any psychologist. She raised my husband, a sickly boy, to be self-confident and to strive for the best. She gave all of her grandchildren unconditional love and support. And she never questioned my place in our family. But I think her wisdom was most valuable to all of the family after she learned that her cancer had metastasized. Before she died, she had long private talks with each one of us, never shying away from the truth, even with her grandchildren. She wanted to leave a lasting personal legacy with every member of her family and a final expression of her love for each of us. I am still strengthened by the memory of my final talk with her, even today."

What can you do to help create a legacy of meaning within your own family? To get started, here are some suggestions.

1. Spend quality time talking with your parents about the values that are important to them. Ask them specific questions about what ethics have guided them through the years. You probably know some of these answers from having observed them and their role modeling, but the conversations can be further enlightening. As Mimi cared for her mom when she was at the end stages of heart failure, they had long conversations deep into the night. Mimi grew to appreciate her mother as never before. "I used to criticize her for being so frugal. I now realize she was afraid she wouldn't have enough money to survive. I decided to use the small inheritance she managed to save for me in a way she would appreciate. I've opened college bank accounts for the children of my brother, who is struggling financially. I am proud that I can honor my mom in this way."

2. Talk with your parents about their past and the stories of their lives. Their tales will become a part of how you remember them. Through you, the history of your parents will be preserved from generation to generation. Look through their old photographs and listen to the memories they evoke. Video tape these conversations to have a lasting visual and oral record of them. View these family photos and videos as a slice of life - a gift for the future to be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren. Sarah loved seeing the pictures of her mother as a teenager, having fun with her friends at the beach. "Mom always worked so hard - she had two jobs when we were little - and I think it aged her tremendously. My children see her only as very old and infirm. When I show them pictures of her as a girl, full of energy and enthusiasm, she seems more real to them."

3. Identify what you consider to be your parents' personal strengths and talk with them about the strengths they remember in their own parents. Create a family strengths tree, focusing both on strengths that have been passed down and on those that are unique to each family member. You will have a concrete visual profile of your ancestors' virtues to guide you and your children. Toby recalled the impact that her father's character had on her. "He taught me so much about how to be a good human being just by the way he treated everyone around him. I try to live up to his standard of morality every day in the way I live my life."

4. Consult with books or Internet websites to help your parents create an ethical will. Your family will be enriched by their legacy - knowing what they believed in, their values and rituals, and how they lived their lives. Remaining emotionally open during this interactive process can help you better understand your parents as well as yourself and your own personal goals. Shortly before he died, Lynn and her father wrote down some of his thoughts and answers to the questions they had discussed. Now when she feels troubled, she spends time rereading her journal. "Dad lived to age 92. He is always in my mind and I have the words we wrote together to ground me. He was the only one who could make me feel stronger, and I always think about the way he would want me to handle myself in difficult situations."

Going through the process with your aging parents may even give you a head start on thinking about your own ethical will. What values do you want to pass on to your children? How can you role model these for them today? How can you live your life now as if these values really are important to you? How you answer these kinds of questions to yourself can help you create your own legacy of meaning for your children and grandchildren over the next decades.

(c) 2007, Her Mentor Center

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Journey of Self Discovery

The journey of self discovery begins with the immediacy of your freedom from what you are not and with the being of who you already are.

It does not begin from within the illusion of your imagination, from the place of you believing yourself to be who you think you are. It does not begin from the place of seeking or thinking, or what you customarily know as "spirituality." Your persistence in who you think you are has you not realising who you are.

This journey of self discovery begins with you consciously aligning your attention to that, to who you already are - essence - which is already flowing through your mindbody, flowing through your very eyes right now.

Self is not something that you can look at. You cannot perceive it like all other perceivables. You cannot look directly down its throat. This self is not something that stands apart from who you are. It is who you are.

You can only be the self that you are.

And when you do begin this journey of discovering your self, discovering just what your heart is, you begin acquiring the taste of - and for – home.

Self discovery is an "endless" journey of revelation of how rich the heart - who you are – is.

The alignment of your conscious attention to this "motion of seeing" that is flowing through your eyes right now and your coming to rest as this "aliveness" is your immediate freedom from what you are not and of your being this one that has always been true of you.

No amount of thinking, concepts, attempting to do it from the disposition of who you think you are, is going to be of any help to you. There is no getting around the fact that you have to surrender and let go of who you think you are.

The "central point" of self, as it is flowing through this mindbody that you drive around through, must be aligned to and come to rest as by you - and you can because it is who you are.

It is so damn simple that you "western male mind"ers will simply not grok this nor do it - even though it is not a "doing." You will not let go of who you think you are to be what has always been true of you. But even you will finally come home to the heart of your self, eventually. No one can not come home to who they already are - it is the destiny of all to be who you are. How long you may take is an entirely different story though.

Through being at rest as this one that is flowing through your very eyes right here right now, where you are immediately no longer entrapped and bound by who you think you are - this mindbody that you find yourself travelling around through, you find yourself with no where to go and no thing to do. Who you are is already here and all things are arising in this one that is who you are. There is nothing that is not already who you are. Whatever you attempt to "go for" is already in who you are.

You become established as this one that is already who you are.

Through being at rest as this one - self, the heart - and "going" no where to gain what is already arising in who you are, you begin to realize the enormity of this one that is who you are, energetically, intrinsically.

Who you are already is.

You can be who you are because you already are who you are - however, it is not who you think you are and this must be surrendered for you to come to rest as the one that is already true of you.

The surrendering is in you focusing your attention to something other than your accustomed place of residence. Coming to rest as the very "thing" that is who you are.

Being at rest as this one that is who you are, not doing anything else, simply free as the heart. Through abiding here, the mindbody that you are travelling around through begins to unravel its "bondage" of you. You find more free attention and energy to simply be this one that is who you are. As this occurs - not through you trying to do anything or manipulate anything - you realize more of what it is that is who you are.

This journey of self discovery is the most wondrous of journeys. Why? Because it is one in which you are being who you already are - at home in the heart - not you being who you think you are - lost in the illusion of who you are not.

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What is Your Agenda for Life?

So, what is your agenda? Do you have one? Do you have an agenda for your life? Do you have a plan? What you intend to do and how are you going to do it? How are you going to go about it? Any goals? Any dreams?

Are we talking big? Are we talking small? What are we talking here? Well, anything you like. Anything that grabs your fancy. But if you get the small things right the big things will fall into place, won’t they? (Another article would be getting the big things right, which would give you the experience and knowledge to be able to coast through future small things – but that is for another day.)

After all don’t we think about most other things before we start out? We assess where we need to go, what we need to achieve. We decide what is worth going for and what we should leave alone. We plan our endeavour. The more important the objective the more planning and consideration is given to the task. We plan when we need to buy a house, a car, a holiday. Why not plan our life?

Is this not worth the effort and the trouble? Is not our life worth assessing? Not worth considering what we need to do, where we need to go, what we want to achieve, how we want to live our life?

We all think so, don’t we? And we do it to a certain extent. But do we do it enough? Do we do it sufficiently often, efficiently and effectively enough to make a real difference to our life and the way we live? Because? Oh just because.

But we can find enough reasons. They are all around us. They hit us day and night. Try to grab our attention. Try to get us to buy in. Distract us. And so it goes on.

And what do we need to do? What have we got to do? Where should we start?

A good place would be to put the elements together. Make some decisions. Have a good look at our life. Decide what is important to us. Put some things into perspective. Create a plan for yourself. Create an agenda for yourself.

And remember that you don’t have to broadcast your decision. Share it with those close to you – but feel comfortable otherwise about keeping the details to yourself. Your life, you're in charge. Get it on course. Then you’ll have something that you can be proud of.

What do you want to achieve – be clear about that. What do you want on your agenda? Get it in focus. Visualize what you want to do or achieve. Put in the steps and effort towards your objective. Aim to fulfil your potential. And when your prize is achieved, reassess. Redefine a new goal. Put the new elements into place. The new plan – your revised agenda. Work the plan and repeat the new plan … Try this out and see the results!

So, what is your agenda for life? Do you have one? If you don’t, take this opportunity as a timely reminder? You choose. You decide. You go for it. And let your effort, your agenda take you off into a bright future.

Copyright© 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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How Much Effort Do You Devote To Achieving Success?

Earlier this week I received this message in my in-box; Your Effort Is A Portrait of Yourself. It got me thinking about a lot of things. I remember reading that Colonel Sanders knocked upon one thousand doors before the recipe behind KFC was recognized as having potential. I also recall a Tony Robbins equation - Massive Action = Massive results.

There are innumerable people on Twitter who tweet similarly intended motivational messages daily (or even every 10 minutes of the day!) If you subscribe, you can be literally bombarded with motivational messages which tell you that you can do it, whatever "it" means to you. And they are all true. You can do it, so long as you really, really want to and have the enthusiasm to keep on going, like Colonel Sanders.

The majority of people who purchase self help products or "get rich quick" schemes do not even use them. In fact I heard a statistic the other day which took my breath way; 89% do not use them. Wow!

The fact is that only 3 percent of people reach the elite status of becoming an "over-achiever" to the degree of founding KFC, Yahoo, McDonalds or Ford. These people have certain things in common; a talent to identify a niche, the foresight to identify how to create leverage so as to create that niche and achieve success, a little luck in being in the right place at the right time, and a pig headedness which prevents them from giving up!

Far more than 3% of us dream of achieving that success. The other 94% of the 97% who purchase these products which promote systems of success strategy dream in this way. Once the product has been purchased, a decision is made between input and potential output and the desire to succeed is prone to wither and die - rapidly. This brings me back to the fact that your effort is a portrait of yourself.

If you have bought one of those products and not used it, please don't feel bad. If you were meant to have used it you would have. Sometimes you are in too comfortable a place to really want to go that extra mile; sometimes you just feel happier in your familiar surroundings. I know this to be true; I often weigh up the pros and cons of running out of the door and playing a game of golf against the need to write another article so as to promote my business; the weather can often dictate the result!

For me the desire to achieve success as an internet marketer has become a matter of principle. I know that anyone who starts out in an attempt to attract business on the World Wide Web suddenly becomes a very, very, tiny sprat in a huge, enormous, humungous, ocean, where the rules are an unknown factor. That's not an easy place in which to start. But with a belief in your product and sufficient desire to work at it (and not spend your days playing golf!) the WWW also provides infinite opportunities.

In this case your effort truly is a portrait of yourself. It tells a tale about how comfortable you are where you are and how much you are willing to put in to the tantalizing visions of success. Your effort will reflect your belief in yourself, your belief in your products, your belief in other peoples need for your products, and also in your own desire/need to succeed.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to promote happiness, good health, well-being and success.


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Making Cashflow With Internet Marketing – What Regulates Accomplishment?

Consider being able to get up on your own time, work, on your own time, and most importantly make Money on your own interval. You wouldn't have to commute to your daily grind. You wouldn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Your life would actually be yours to live on your own terms. This is all possible with Affiliate Marketing. Making cash online with MLM marketing allows just about anyone to make a full time income from the comfort of their own home given that they are willing to put forth some effort. However, it isn't only effort that will allow you to achieve prosperity with marketing online as many will tell you. You can work and work and then work some more and not see a single cent if you aren't doing things the right way. In this article we'll be taking a look at what determines success in mlm  marketing and how you can achieve success for yourself.

The reason why most people go bankrupt online is because they simply aren't doing things accurately. When people first hear of the possibility of establishing huge profits online they get very excited. They get excited because they automatically assume that making huge profits on the internet must be ridiculously simple and require very little know how. Let me just tell you right now that this is absolutely,false. The business of earning cash online through internet marketing isn't as easy as a few clicks of the mouse and you won't be able to earn anything if you are just working several hours a day. Sure, it is great that you want to put in the hours but if you aren't doing things correctly then you've just wasted your time. Three hours of unfocused work is not the same as three hours of sticking to a proven plan of action.

And a proven plan of action is exactly what separates successful internet marketers from those who haven't made a cent through marketing onlineand therefor aren't really internet marketers at all. If you want to make a full time income through the internet then you need to be following a proven model of doing so. You can't go from point A to point B if you are completely lost and have no sense of direction. So how do you expect to make an income on the internet if you have no clue what you are doing? A proven model allows you to do work in confidence because you are taking steps that are guaranteed to generate sales, leads, revenue, whatever! This is what it all comes down to in the world of internet marketing.

Would you like to learn about two of the most successful models for establishing  cash online? Would you like to gain access to material that will guarantee you make money with every step you take? I hope that you are because this is what generating a full time income and beyond is all about as far as internet marketing goes. Anyhow, if you think you're interested in earning some serious huge profits online (the right way!) then simply click the link below.




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Difficulties give you strength. Behind every dark night there is a bright moon. Problems and hard days are the ways to take you to the brighter one. Success story reveals like that only. A work which is started with difficulty and problematic situation will be succeeded definitely. During this period of panic situation the at most need to anyone is patience. Plan a device which can you save you from the problem and you can win over that. And planning is only possible in the silent and peaceful mind. Certain worries may take you to hale. Hazards come first then success. Lightening comes first then thunder. Black cloud comes first, then only cold rain. Life is like that only. The conscious person wins over this life if he knows the mystery and stupid one is often defeated. Watch the life and see the same principles revolve around you. No need of sorrow or worries.

                            Take the life as challenge. Take the decision and do the thing which is indispensable to you. Don’t feel absurd. Nothing new principles i.e., hazard before a success is being propagated here. That is the true of life. Always weigh what is important. Then take risk of yourself. To progress is to risk. To risk is to challenge. And to challenge is to life. The life without challenge has no life. Every story starts with mystery and ends   with a solution.

                          Just think about the rain. Before the rain when the black clouds surrounds the sky, everybody start fearing, turns towards their home, close up their doors and windows but when this black clouds turn into cool air and rain, everybody became happy. Their hearts start dancing. That’s the mystery of life. Who does understand he wins others fail.

                                         Build your home by the bricks thrown by anybody to you.Fightings makes nothings.Work silently and gets your success. Where there is way there is surely a way.

 Harekrushna Behera


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Men And Women Are Equal – Let’s Compete

Since the early days of human subsistence, "men and women are equal" was not a claim. Men, even in those days, were expected to provide for the subsistence of every woman in his life. Additionally, in modern times, men were made legally liable to provide for the subsistence of their were wives or companions in life. Men confront the same obligation with daughters until they find a man willing to become morally, socially, and legally liable for their subsistence. As expected, deeply embbeded instincts tell men that they must inescapably find means of survival for themselves, their women, and their families.

It is obvious that men are the ones morally obligated, socially mandated, and legally forced to be responsible for other people's subsistence. However, women are not. Women have never been ~and because they are females~ they will never be socially mandated and legally forced to be responsible for other people's subsistence.

To help those who are the core of the human specie, nature's architect made men to be hunters, and to think like one. Appropriately, men were designed to have the physical qualities and mental powers as well as suitable features, attributes, capabilities, skills, and a corresponding set of instincts to do a competent and capable job competing for survival with other men.

Men and women are equal just like cows and horses can swim.

Yes, cows and horses can swim. It is highly unlikely, however, that the designer of nature wanted these outstanding creatures be able to enter fish' territories ~such as rivers, lakes, or oceans~ and compete with fish taking sources of survival away from them. It is likely, however, that cows' and horses' were given the ability to swim to save their lives in case of an emergency such as massive flooding; otherwise, cows and horses must remain where they belong: on land; and fish be given physical qualities as well as suitable features, attributes, capabilities, skills, and a set of instincts to do a competent and capable job competing for survival with other fish in their rightful territory.

It was in the late XX century when western women decided to invade men’s territories taking sources of survival away from those with moral, social, and legal obligations. Women were then and remain today arbitrarily acting on a verbal claim: "men and women are equal". Ten years into the XXI century, women have not yet produced a shred of verifiable evidences to substantiate what they claim.

Should women arbitrarily and capriciously continue invading territories not intended for them ~and remain taking sources of survival away from those with mandatory obligations~ they are responsible for harmfully disturbing a natural course of life; and accountable for detrimentally affecting the subsistence of families which ~in turn~ they raise children with wrong values in anti-nature environments that believe that men and women are equal.

Altogether, families' unity, integrity, and right to succeed as intended by an almighty  designer are seriously compromised because large numbers of women appear not be happy being human females; and so, they remain acting on a claim no one can substantiate: men and women are equal.

Since nature's designer has well-founded reasons assigning roles to humans ~as He does with animals~ it is then up to western women to recognize that there are unwanted, undesirable, and damaging consequences when they impose on men and children the price attached to shuffling roles with those of men, replicate, and mimic what men are meant to do.

When it comes to "men and women are equal", nature's mastermind

took the decision a long time ago; and His decison is not negotiable.
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Positive Expectancy – the Mindset of Achievers

An absolutely crucial ingredient toward the accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor is the mindset that you can and will achieve the results you want.  This is called Positive Expectancy.

To achieve the success you envision, you must believe that you are capable of making it happen. For some people, this deep-seated belief comes quite naturally. However, for many of us we frequently question our ability to ultimately succeed at accomplishing our dreams – lacking a sense of positive expectancy.

There are a variety possible reasons as to why we question that we can't or won't follow through with a desired objective.  Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to absorb repeated negative comments over the years, or maybe we didn't receive a sufficient dose of positive reinforcement in our youth.  Of course, there are numerous other potential reasons or excuses.

If you are one who needs to regroup and begin the process of taking back control of your outlook toward positive outcomes, the good news is that it is entirely possible. The bad news is that successful achievements simply won't happen unless you believe they are possible and make the commitment to passionately pursue your goals.

It may take awhile to condition yourself to develop a pattern of authentic positive expectancy, but it is most likely easier than you imagine. Once you accept that the brain responds to what it is conditioned to expect, then the process begins to make sense. For example, if one is conditioned to expect failure, one can also be conditioned to expect successful results.

Thomas Jefferson was right on target when he stated that, "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal."  Over time, Mr. Jefferson conditioned his mind to expect positive outcomes. He developed an attitude of thought that attracted positive results, people, and circumstances that supported the fulfillment of his goals. He nurtured self-belief and self-confidence. Developing "the right mental attitude" for successful outcomes is possible for each of us.

If the concept of truly believing that you are capable of achieving a major goal is a bit overwhelming, then begin with a smaller, more manageable objective and progress to a larger goal. Remember, each of us had to crawl before we could walk. Allow yourself the opportunity to develop a pattern of positive expectancy. With time, your mind will be conditioned to support you as if you have the wind at your back.

This week, next month, and the year ahead will unfold as you expect it will.  In other words, if your outlook and belief system is positive and you genuinely expect like results, you are certainly going to realize greater personal fulfillment. 

This does not mean that your pursuit will always be a bed of roses just because you positively expect that outcome.  But, positive expectancy begets positive results more of the time and provides the foundation for overcoming challenges along the way.

Adversely, if you approach your life with the attitude that nothing will improve or that you are destined for a “Murphy’s Law” existence (what can go wrong will go wrong), that’s pretty much what you can expect. 

It boils down to a powerful choice:  positive expectancy or negative expectancy.

The person who practices the attitude of positive expectancy becomes proficient at turning problems into solutions, embraces responsibility as opportunity, and attacks adversity as an opportunity for learning and strengthening abilities and resolve.  The depth of your success greatly depends upon your commitment to your positive expectations.

Here are 5 components that contribute to Positive Expectancy:

1. Clearly decide on what it is that you desire — be precise, write down details.

2. Use your imagination and consistently visualize the results you want.

3. Truly believe in your pursuit, no matter how many obstacles appear.

4. Enthusiastically take action and doggedly overcome challenges.

5. Be positive, expect the results you want.

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Inspiring Text Messages Are A Great Way To Start And Get Through The Day

It seems that stress is part of all of our lives. We all have situations that occur during the day that make getting through the day difficult. No matter what those factors are that try to push us to the edge there is a way to get through the day inspire of the stress. Inspiring text messages can help you stay focused and keep from letting external factors stress you out.

A good inspiring message can help you face the day and do so with a smile. Regardless of what your stress factors might be they can be overcome and looked past if you have the right mental attitude. Inspiring text messages can give that to you.

Should you end up in a face to face confrontation with frustration you should step back, walk away and get some air. A great way of getting a fresh outlook is to walk away and read the inspiring text messages.

There are several services that provide inspiring text messages. These services are all a little different and there is service that is best suited to your beliefs and attitudes. Some services even let you select the nature of the messages, so that you can control what the positive words are you receive each day.

Some services will also let you select what time of day you get the message. We all have that one time of day when we seem to be the most stressed out. For some of us it may be the commute to work or perhaps the commute back home. Setting your service up to get the inspiring messages at exactly the right time can help you keep a smile in the face of adversity.

You may want to research the service you choose so that you find an inspiring message that you can relates with. You may also want to make sure that the service you choose does not have an advertising service connected with it. These unexpected ads can be enough to ruin the moment you gained by the inspiring words.

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The Healing Power of Affirmations

The word 'affirmation' has its root in the Latin word 'firmus' which means 'solid, strong'. An affirmation is a confirmation, a substantiation, an assurance that a certain thought will materialize. Affirmations are like seeds representing certain themes in our life that we plant into our subconscious. When these seeds are correctly planted and nurtured, they will yield fruit.

Our thoughts are closely related to our ability to create and manifest positive affirmations. Thoughts are living things. Thoughts are energy, moving quickly and freely. Our thoughts radiate from us and influence our environment. Whatever we create is created first as a thought. Each manifestation of an idea is the result of a thought. The idea is the plan, which then creates the image in our mind from which our thoughts emanate to create their physical counterpart, being the manifestation of our idea.

Just like the plant, also thoughts, images and words function according to the spiritual principle of 'as ye reap ye shall sow', being the principle of cause and effect.

Our human ability to think, to create powerful images and to express ourselves through words is a precious gift holding a powerful force. Every thought and every image created in our head and every spoken word consciously or subconsciously influence our lives, our environment, and us.

By using our thoughts, images and words we can create disharmony and disruption or harmony and healing. Whatever the colors of our thoughts and words - be it positive, negative or neutral, these are the colors we will experience in life. The power of thought is a creative power which can be used either to build or to destroy, according to the intensity dedicated to a specific thought. Our present life is a mirror of our thoughts and words.

For most of us the process of thinking and the expression of thoughts is a matter-of-course, to such extent that we have never really consciously thought about our thoughts and are therefore unaware of the result of our thoughts and words.

Conscious and regular citing of affirmations heightens our senses and activates unknown potential within us. The following are eleven important guidelines for the correct use of affirmations, that -if followed- will help you to manifest abundance and tap into your hidden potentials.

* Avoid negative wordings like 'not', 'un', 'im'. Repeat your affirmation regularly, consciously and convincingly.

* Phrase your affirmations to reflect the present. Combine words, images and feelings.

* Phrase your affirmations to be short, clear and comprehensive

* Speak your affirmations out loud and repeat them mentally.

* Repeat your affirmations while you are in an Alpha state: Before you fall asleep and immediately when you wake up.

* Write your affirmation down and place them in different spots in your home as a reminder.

* Repeat your most important affirmations daily for a period of 21 days .

* Write your affirmations down in a journal

* Keep very personal affirmations secret .

* Combine affirmations with conscious breathing.

* Be aware of negative thoughts.

Sample Affirmations:

I am healthy.

I release all pain.

I am filled with vitality and health.

I am in control of my life and my health.

I have the energy to accomplish my goals.

I let go of old programs that keep me stuck in old patterns.

I accept healing of my mind, body and spirit from the Creator.

I have the time and energy to fulfill all my wants and needs.

I enjoy accepting material abundance.

I achieve my goals.

I am prosperous.

I deserve being successful in all aspects of my life.

I am a winner.

I feel safe in the presence of others.

I can say 'No' without losing other people's love.

I am now willing and ready to commit to a relationship.

I am willing to accept, share and give love.

I value myself.

I am respected.

I love myself.

I am gentle with myself.

I am creating the life I love.

I am confident in myself.

I am strong in body, mind and spirit.

I am open to the gifts of the Universe.

I allow abundance to flow through me.

I act with high intention and purposeful awareness.

I am in harmony with my life's purpose.

I am in perfect balance.

The more I receive, the easier it is for me to give to others.

Spiritual awareness is natural to me.

Success on all levels is a natural part of my being.

Success and abundance belong to my true nature.

My heart and my mind are in total balance.

It is easy for me to meet my ideal match.

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