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How to Make Your Aura Bright and Divine?

The idea of a human aura, a radiating luminous cloud surrounding the body is an ancient one. Mediavel saints and mystics distinguished four different types of aura; the Nimbus, the Halo, the Aureola and the Glory.
The first two stream from the head, the aureola from the whole body, the glory is a combination of two.

The major important experimental investigations into the subject were conducted by Dr. Walter John Kilner of the St Thomas Hospital of London. In 1908, Kilner conceived the idea that the human aura might be made visible if viewed through a suitable substance, and he experimented with dicyanin, a remarkable coal-tar dye. The dicyanin screen was a solution of coal tar dye between two hermetically sealed pieces of glass. Looking through it in daylight and then turning the eye on naked man in dim light before a dark back ground, three distinct radiations, all lying in the ultra violet end of the spectrum became visible.The first was dark and colourless, it surrounded the body to the depth of a quarter to half an inch. The second, inner aura extended three inches beyond, the third outer aura, fell little short of a foot in depth.

The subject of aura is a complex one.

Kilner concluded that the higher brain centres are intimately concerned in the output of auric force.

Dr Annie Besant stated that in our daily life we think and thus create thought forms.

These thought forms remain in the aura or magnetic atmosphere of the thinker, and as time goes on their increased number acts on him with ever-gathering force, repetition of thoughts and of types of thought adding to their intensity day by day, with cumulative energy; until certain kind of thought forms so dominate his mental life that the man rather answers to their impulse than decides anew, and what we call a habit, the outer reflection of this stored-up force is set up. Thus ‘character’ is built, and if we are intimately acquainted with any one of mature character, we are able to predicate with tolerable certainty his action in any set of circumstances.”

By studying aura one can tell the characteristics of the personality; the diseases of the person etc.

If we cultivate positive thinking with abundant love towards humanity the aura will reflect it. The colour of the aura will become red if one entertains negative and violent thoughts continuously.

Hence if we train our mind properly our aura will become bright and divine.
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Spirituality and Morality Are Two Unrelated Phenomena

A few days back a story drew media's attention the most. A woman called her paramour to her house and in the evening when they both were making love she triggered a bullet into him. Police came and arrested the woman claiming that she broke a law by killing a person and she would be punished accordingly. Some neighbors said that it was highly immoral to spend time with one's paramour by the time they are not committed to each other. Others said that it was not ethical to call a person to your home and kill him in the name of love. Pujari Ji said that the religion was going to sink if such love relations would be fostered to kill others.

By the evening this matter became the centre of discussion of the entire neighborhood and then the whole locality. Everyone was expressing same or similar views. In the evening a small boy came and turned the tables just upside down. He solved every thing. He said that every one of those critiques was so despaired because the inhabitants of that colony, including the critiques were not spiders. The entire problem was there because that was a society of homo sapience and not of the six legged web weaving insect.

In Australia there is a spider called 'Redback Spider'. In the mating season when the male comes to the female and starts copulation, the female eats up that male by the time this copulation is complete. No police come and arrest that female nor does it hurt any morality or ethics or religion of spiders. Even no adverse comment is heard from any corner because there is no crisis of any value established by spider's society. There is no violation of any norm established by the group of learneds.

Right from the beginning, the societies used to lay down and then approve some practices to meet the requirement of Minimum Friction Within. These societies then laid down the standards of 'good' and 'bad', 'right' and 'wrong', 'proper' and 'improper' etc. All these were meant for the smooth working of that society. Some societies laid down the moral code of conduct for the slaves also. It was highly immoral for a slave to have an eye on his master's wealth or woman. In some societies like old Hindu and traditional Muslim it was highly immoral and unethical for a woman to violate her husband's wish. However in some other societies e.g. trained and nurtured in the modern western values such morality in itself is highly immoral because it violates the equal status of women.

Hence in a given society only those values and norms are moral and ethical which are in the better interest of that society. A society always tries to live as long as possible. This is a bid of survival of a society as a unity. In doing so it makes choices between the beneficial and detrimental to the objectives set out by it. It regulates the behaviors of its subjects. It requires its members to follow a set of practices. This practice is the morality of that society. For eventualities, when under new and unprecedented circumstances such practice is not available as recommended, that society lays down some criteria also to be guided with. This set of criteria is called the ethics.

'Ram steals bread' shows a moral violation. Morality is violated. This action is not in conformity with the society which had laid down the moral 'do not steal'. 'Ram fed a starving person'. The morality is uplifted. It is in conformity with the moral 'Help the needy ones', 'feed the hungry ones', 'save other's life'. But sometimes "Ram steals bread to feed a starving person". Here is a conflict within morals. The problem is resolved by having resort to the criterion provided by the ethics.

The morality, the ethics and the practices recommended by them are to regulate the behaviour of an individual towards others. These others may be the other members of the same society or the members of some others societies.

Subsequently societies developed their political set ups also to evolve new practices; enforce them and also punish for their violation. This branch assumed the name of the law and law Courts.

But this all including the morality, the ethics and the law were only to regulate the outer behaviour of a subject. This is all external; imposed from outside; enforced from outside and observed from outside. No society or system will object to your most contrary beliefs and notions so long as your external conduct is in conformity with its morals or laws. The societies have nothing to do with your internal fabric. They are in expectations of your external conduct to be in conformity with their practices - the morals or the ethics or the laws.

All morals, ethics and laws presuppose the existence of others. This existence of others is independent of anyone else in the society. The morals, ethics and the laws are all Bipolar Processes. It envisages YOU the doer and those OTHERS who would face the result of your deeds. These morals, ethics and the laws are the bridges bridging the individuals. For all the morals, ethics and the laws (hereinafter these will collectively be termed as External Trio) the existence of plurality of individuals is an essence. Without a plurality and the interconnections amongst that plurality this External Trio is void ab initio. It is meaningless. It loses its worth.

Now take the spirituality. But before entering the domain of spirituality the meaning of "Bipolar Process" ought to be made clear. This "Bipolar Process" was discussed in the preceding paragraphs while dealing with the issue of the External Trio. It was said there that this External Trio is essentially a Bipolar Process involving "You" and "the Others".

The outside world enters you as sensations through your senses. Your mind processes these sensations and produces information or knowledge for you. All the empirical knowledge has two components. One is the sensation from the outer world and the other is the processed product of your mind.

When the concepts of one person are expressed to others it is through verbal conversation. In all verbal conversations there are generally two elements one relates to the fact regarding the sensation you received through your senses and the other is the mental element provided by your mind. When the facts are in contradistinction to each others a mental element is taken recourse of to overcome the stagnation of contradistinction of facts. "Ram steals bread to feed a starving person" involves two facts (may be moral or legal or ethical) in contradistinction to each other. The matter is resolved by a mental process giving more weight to one fact over the other.

These mental elements embedding the sensations are called thoughts. The thoughts are essentially based on sensations received by your senses. May be, some thoughts appear to be free from the empirical basis. But it is not so.

You may think of an animal with the tail like a horse and the body like a lion. But it is nothing more than a new permutation - combination of your sensation about tail, horse, lion and body etc. Your mind gives these combinations new names as a child gives different names to the different shapes made from the same clay.

Your thoughts are essentially a mixture of 'you' and 'the outer world'. The world is present in your thoughts in the form of raw sensations and you are there as the mental element. All your thoughts are, hence, bipolar. One pole of your thoughts is the crude information in the form of sensation and the other pole is you in the form your mental element. Your all thoughts including morality, ethics and law are mixtures of this bipolar material. Your thoughts are not purely YOU.

You do not exist purely in your thoughts. Your thoughts are not You. Your thoughts are "something" mixed with you. Presently that something is not termed as good or as bad. But that "something" makes outside world flow from outside into you. That "something" facilitates encroachment for the outer world over you. Your thoughts are an 'encroachment upon you'.

English philosopher David Hume said that he sat into meditation and found nothing as "me" inside him. He found only a train of thoughts flowing from one end to the other. The flow was quite turbulent. No rule of flow was there. Thoughts originated randomly. Lived randomly; and disappeared randomly. At last Hume declared that there was nothing as "me" inside.

The observation of Hume was correct but his conclusion was incorrect. He could not recognize that the reason for his illusion was a psychological habit. He found a train of thoughts inside and concluded that there was nothing beyond that train.

You are born without thoughts. You receive only sensations. As you grow you are taught to give words to those sensations. When these words shroud your sensations they give rise to thoughts. You are brought up with thoughts. You are motivated to create more and more thoughts. This creation of thoughts is then appreciated as your intelligence. You are made to grow in perpetual association with thoughts. In your unawareness you become addicted to your thoughts. Your are never told that your thoughts are only a way of interaction with outer world and that you exist beyond your thoughts, and that you exist prior to your thoughts.

What Hume observed as a train of thoughts was only his psychological addiction. Neither he tried to see beyond that addiction nor did anybody lead him beyond that addiction. He remained entangled with his bipolar existence. Most of you also do the same. You find a thought train running inside you. You identify yourself with that thought train. You are appreciated by the outside world and by yourself also for more and more thoughts inside you. You are overshadowed by your thoughts. You take yourself as granted as a cloud of thoughts. You feel satisfied because others appreciate you. This is again bipolar.

You feel satisfied not because you find it a satisfactory state but because others say that you should feel satisfied being shrouded in thoughts. Now you are trapped in the vicious circle of Bipolarity. More you identify yourself with the bipolarity more it encompasses you. More you are encompassed by the bipolarity more you identify yourself with it.

Bipolarity exists only by the time it encompasses you. It makes you believe that you are not you but you are that Bipolarity. Indian school of thoughts called this Bipolarity as Jagat and its encompassing power as Maya.

It may sound new to some readers that the real existence beyond the empirical sensations is possible. But it is the truth. The need is only to uncover (and not to discover) it. By closing your eyes you may try to feel the existence without the sense of viewing. By closing your ears you may try the same for without the sense of hearing. The same can be repeated for other senses taken one or more at a time. People generally ask if it is possible to exist without all five senses and the sixth one the mind. To such people it is explained that it is all possible. You daily exist without your senses during your REM sleep (dreams). Likewise you go beyond this state and exist without your senses and even without mind in your deep sleep. You can exist, initially for small durations, without your senses and mind.

The Indian school has found a solution and named it Dhyan, Dhaarna and Samaadhi. These are the techniques which liberate you from the encroachment of the outside world. These techniques make you pure from the intrusion of Bipolarity. The methodology used in these techniques, is termed by the Indian scholars as spirituality. The spirituality sifts out the Bipolarity from you and your vision. You start losing your misidentity with the Bipolarity. The spirituality makes you free from the incarceration of Bipolarity. In fact, spirituality is your existence prior to the start of Bipolarity. The spirituality is your existence beyond and untainted with the Bipolarity. It gives you realization regarding the nature of Bipolarity i.e. the Jagat, its encompassing power the Maya.

In bipolarity you exist seeking your image in the eyes of others. Bipolarity is a web of expectations - expectations in you regarding others and expectations of others regarding you. You do things and acts not because of you but because of others. You speak truth not because of you but because of canons. You help others not because it flows from your existence but in expectation of heavens in expectations of reward of beautiful sirens.

In spirituality, you exist untainted. You exist in awareness of your form and substance. You exist without the help of others. You exist in yourself i.e. without an expectation of your being in others. You transcend the bipolarity and exist in unipolarity. Now you are not thoughts but you are an existence. You are not an entity now but you are a part of an infinity; you are an infinity. Here your existence is unipolar. You exist in yourself. You have transcended the bipolarity.

Spirituality is a new concept for the west. New at least, on the level it is being discussed here in this article. One Danah Zohar has propounded her idea on spirituality. She has worked to show that spiritually awakened people perform better not only in the spiritual arena but also in the domain of worldly affairs. She has then given about 12 characteristics of spiritually awakened people i.e. those who have spiritual intelligence. She propounds that spiritually awakened people generally prefer moral way of living. Spiritually awakened people have a holistic view of the problems.

It appears that Danah has read about spirituality but has never been able to attain it. Her effort is misleading as it does not distinguish between the spirituality and morality. It tries to show the morality as a synonym of spirituality and vice versa. She has never realized that it is like inferring the existence of a man from the shawl he wraps over his shoulders. If the spirituality is inferred from the morality then the same spirituality can also be inferred from his lies, cheating and other vices. If the existence of a man is inferred from his shawl then why it is not inferred again from his shirt, gloves or undergarments. Danah has no answer.

It is again proposed here that the spirituality is independent of all other things. It does not require you to be in relation with others. It is a state of existence which starts when everything else ornamental to the existence ceases to be. The spirituality is the essence while the morality is only contingent to it. You may wear different clothes but you remain you. Your existence does not depend on your dress. If you start inferring your existence from your dress then this will also be incorrect. In that case sometimes there would be a scarecrow under the dress and the results would be incorrect. You will be repeating the mistake of Danah Zohar of inferring spirituality of a man from his morality. Better not to do it.

Morality is nothing more than a suitability in a given set of conditions. That's why different societies have different moralities. Even the same society may have different moralities at different points of time. Had there been a 'Redback Spider' critic it would have seen the conduct of the human being highly immoral where the same females copulates with the same male again and again repeatedly. A value highly praised in the human morality would be strongly abhorred by the spiders.

A moral value (and so is the true of the complete External Trio and any thing having worldly meaning) is only contingent to you. Your spirituality is the domain. Everything else is an auxiliary. Only You are the truth.
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Overcome Jealousy – Help For Jealousy Problems

You can find ways to overcome jealousy help in a number of different forms. Feeling jealous isn't pleasant and overcoming the problem requires support. Help for a jealous tendency is available in a number of forms but it benefits to understand where the problem begins. You can find the right guide to assist you in your endeavor.

Looking at Jealous Tendencies Objectively

Objectivity is very important when you are trying to find overcome jealousy help. You can get a better grasp on the situation if you are realistic about it. Once you have a realistic view of your problem and the occurrences that fuel it, you are better able to get the support and guidance you need.

It is very difficult to be objective when you are in the midst of a jealous rage but you can benefit from taking time to look at your thoughts, emotions and actions in retrospect. These three components are linked together and one works to reinforce another.

Emotion, Thought and Actions

Your emotions are strong, especially if you have jealous tendencies. They seem to cloud your judgment and you are unable to think clearly. The thought process becomes cluttered with emotional elements that make it impossible to gain the objectivity necessary to overcome jealousy. Help is necessary as the thoughts and emotions spill into your actions.

Behavior is communication at its very core. When you have negative feelings and emotions building from within, they manifest themselves through your actions. You find that you alienate yourself from others as you become engrossed and obsessed with your jealousy.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

You can benefit from getting to the root of the problem. Where does jealous emotion begin? What brings you to the point where you feel the need to defeat jealous tendencies? Support and guidance is readily available as you explore these questions but it is necessary to begin the healing process before you take time to delve into your past.

Overcome Jealousy Help

Overcoming a jealous condition can take time if you are trying to delve into the inner reaches of your past. The process of dealing with the negative emotions can work on a number of different levels. You can take an expedient approach by dealing directly with the thoughts, emotions and behaviors in addition to trying to pinpoint their causes.


Ideally, your approach circumvents your current patterns of thought, emotion and actions. This can be quite difficult since they are so deeply ingrained in your habits. You can overcome them by trying self-hypnosis. This approach is viable because it circumvents the conscious thoughts and reaches the subconscious.

When you enter the subconscious mind, you can reprogram your thoughts and emotional responses. This will happen automatically as you take time to take in the suggestions.

Your pattern of thoughts and emotions will lead to new, positive ones. These new thoughts and emotions lead to new behaviors. You can still take time to delve into the reasons you have jealous tendencies but you can find overcome jealousy help through self-hypnosis in the meantime.
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It’s Time to Check Your Thank Tank

Ever feel like you are stuck going round and round on a race track being driven by obligations, responsibilities and promises to keep? And the Holidays seem to be looming ahead in a dreadful, foreboding way rather than the happy, joyous events that you wish they would be? If you feel like you're running on empty emotionally, maybe now would be a good time to break away from the pack, stop in your tracks and check your "Thank Tank," because gratitude is the fuel that ignites your spirit and sparks your soul to create something different-to create your heart's desires.

All analogies and puns aside, it's in Present Moments that we think clearly, that we appreciate freely and that we really see, with an almost childlike perception, our surroundings, our circumstances, our life. The object here is to improve the way you feel, even if that improvement is ever so slight. For instance, if you are stuck in a traffic jam, notice those abbreviated vanity license plates around you and try to decipher what they mean. Make a game of it. When you've broken the code, appreciate how quickly you did it or how clever the author of the plate was. Or cast a glace around your vehicle and thank it for providing you with safe and comfortable transportation. If nothing else, you can always
be grateful that you are out of the cold and will soon be on your way.

Changing your mood from frustration or irritation to appreciation and thankfulness feels better and increases your vibration-the way you communicate your desires to the Universe. Quoting Abraham (through the wonderful works of Esther and Jerry Hicks), the "Universal" Law of Attraction says that "like attracts like," so by changing your focus, and more important, the way you feel, you will literally be magnetizing better things into your life (like missing traffic jams!). Test this law for yourself. We've all had those days when you would swear that a little black cloud was hanging over your head and everything that could go wrong seemed to be going wrong. You can "right" yourself simply by taking your attention off of what is and filling a moment-a present moment-with gratitude and appreciation for what you have. Even if it's the smallest, most insignificant thing that you can come up with, focus on that and radiate love and appreciation for it. Then do it again for another moment, and another, and another, and soon your cloudy outlook will have a new, improved forecast.

But why not start or end every day with a full Thank Tank? Every morning when you wake up or every night before you fall asleep, acknowledge that for which you are grateful. As you put your attention on the people, circumstances or things that you appreciate, really feel how happy and blessed you are to have them in your life and open your heart to receiving more. Gratitude is the key that unlocks your ability to receive. The more grateful you feel for what you have, the sooner you will receive more of what your heart desires.

As we, as a nation, turn our attention to gratitude-with turkey and all the trimmings-at the end of the month, reaffirm to yourself your commitment to Giving Thanks each and every day of the year.

And since you're getting off that race track, maybe you should check your oil, too!
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3 Ways Negative People Can Destroy Your Chances of Attracting What You Want

Negative people can be a real poison to your life. Many people try to disguise their negative thoughts and feelings but although they try, there is still a dark cloud which follows them.

Transferred Energy

When a person is unhappy it results in a lost of energy. This lost of energy is very important to our well being and when a person looses this energy they become very needy. Even when they do not tell you what is going on their body and mind becomes like a vacuum waiting to absorb Your energy. When you are in the company of someone like this you can easily feel drained and miserable. Their body becomes like a sponge! This can be very damaging to the other person who may or may not be very balanced.

Its impossible to be positive when the energy is being drawn from you.

When People Use their Words to Hurt You

There is the other type of negative person. That one may not suck your energy like the other but this one will always expand his energy beyond yours. He or she always wants to dominate you. As each day passes you can feel yourself shrinking away. Suddenly there is no more of you.

Exposing the Green Eyed Monster

At first it can seem flattering to know that someone may admire you so much that they may even be jealous. However later you will find that small negative way is a big disease in your life. People who are jealous are the worst sort of negative people to have around you. Jealous people are often sly about their feelings towards you. Because jealous comes from the feeling of lacking what someone else has that you think you don't, envious people are always dreaming up disaster into your life.

Whether you know it or not those thoughts generate a thought wave which can hurt you very much. You can have a series of misfortunes or what others may call bad luck. Because you don't know who is influencing your energy you cannot fix it.
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The Law of Attraction and Depression

The Law of Attraction is difficult for people with a depressive state of mind. The whole concept of the Law, the attitude that makes it work, is one of positive thought.

Therefore, if you're pessimistic by nature and feel that although you're prepared to go through the motions, in your reality you feel that it'll never amount to anything. Because of this, your chances of enjoying the benefits of the Law are slim to nothing.

I would suggest, then, that before you do anything else, before you envision your new life, your new found wealth, that you dig into yourself as deeply as possible, right back into your childhood as far back as you can remember, and see if you can fathom those occurrences that produced the less than happy state in which you find yourself today.

It's so easy for people to tell you that you must always be in a positive frame of mind. They're perfectly correct, but let's assume you've just lost your job, or, if self employed, that your business is going from bad to worse. Your spouse, not being the most supportive person in the world, is showing distinct signs of restlessness to the point where she's taken a lover.

Now these setbacks would be difficult for anyone to take, even a person who's mind is free from depressive thoughts. The chances are that the marriage and the business have been going down hill now for some time. As far as the latter's concerned, you know you've done everything you can except, perhaps, diversify. So you concentrate on this and experience a fairly healthy turnaround.

All of a sudden, your wife and her lover have a blazing row, most especially as you're beginning to earn decent money again, and she decides she'll make up with you. Whether you accept this or not is outside the purview of this article, but you're certainly much more in a position of strength. You're very anxious to pursue the Law of Attraction, and now your mind has been eased by the general improvement in your circumstances, you redouble your efforts, determining that you won't allow such things to cloud your progress with the L of A in future.

Unfortunately, however, you're not of this type. As a child, you suffered from parents who never encouraged you in anything you did. Indeed, were you to do something well, the only reaction from them would be a sniff and a raising of the eyebrows. Through your early teens, you tried your best to please them, but to no avail. Finally, when you reached adolescence, you realized it was a pointless cause and that perhaps you were pretty hopeless. You'd been told you were often enough.

You proved that you were a good mechanical engineer, however, and held down a job in this capacity for a number of years. You came across the Law of Attraction and decided to try it. It made perfect sense to you, and you made a conscious effort to turn your thinking around until, for the most part, your thoughts were really quite positive. Then, through no fault of your own, you lost your job and all the memories of childhood came flooding back.

"You're useless." "Never amount to anything." So the good, positive thoughts you'd taken so long to nurture, flew out of the window, together with any hope of benefiting from the Law of Attraction. You don't suffer from major depression. Never have. Your thoughts just go hand in hand with pessimism. So through no fault of your own, you've been knocked off your perch again.

But, no more. You mustn't let this negativity conquer you. You have one life and you deserve all the good things it has to offer. Dig deeply into yourself. It'll take some time, probably, but exorcise all that nonsense you were forced to listen to as a child. Write it all down. Was any of it true? Of course not.

By doing this, you'll be well on the way to turning your life around and enjoying the benefits of the Law of Attraction
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Contemptable Temptation

Let's look at the lesson we should all pay attention to in the
Bible, the flight of the Israelites from Egypt. Was their
escape through the Red Sea merely an exploit by God or
was there some other signifigance to this act?

1 Cor. 10:1-2; Paul says that our forefathers were all under
and protected by the cloud (God's presence) that went
before them, and everyone of them passed safely through
the Red Sea. Exod. 23:21, 14:22,29; says each one of them
allowed themselves to be baptized into Moses in the cloud
and in the sea. This baptism is very signifigant because it
now meant they were obligated to the law, to Moses, to the
covenant. They were consecrated and set apart to the
service of God.

Today our own baptism in water obligates us to our
covenant with Christ. This submerssion and emerssion
symbolizes our consecration from death into eternal life. It is
our resurrection from sin and death.

During their journey, God provided them all with the same
spiritual food and water which came from the Rock, a
foreshadowing of Christ. Today we eat the same spiritual
food which comes from the Word of God. 1 Cor. 10:5,6 says
that when those who fell away from the truth by lusting after
their carnal desires perished. This still holds true today.
Once we take hold of the truth, we are then held accountable
to keep the truth and never tempt God by doubting Him.
Once He makes a promise He is obligated to keep it and so
are we!

To doubt and fear is in itself a sin. Why? It's a lack of faith.
Rom. 14:23 says that anything not done in faith is a sin.
That's a pretty steep accusation. What do you doubt and fear
in your life?

These Israelites began to fall away and perish because of
all the complaining and doubts they had. Even though God
had just brought them through a sea, it still wasn't enough
to get their trust in God. This consequently led to their
demise, their spiritual death which seperated them from
God. God is holy and righteous and therefore He cannot
fellowship with ungodly behavior. (1 Cor. 10:10,11)

When we fall away from the nourishment in the Word, we
too become malnutritioned and face temptation and the
contempt of sinning. This is why Paul warns us that no man
should be fooled into thinking that he is above being
tempted, even when you are strong in the Word. It's just
human nature to be tempted by sin. This is not a sin in itself,
it's only a sin when we give into the temptation. As a
Christian the best defense to this is to know ahead of time
how it will be handled.

Adam and Eve established man's sinful nature and as a
result we all have it. (Gen. 4) God spoke to Cain after his
irreverential offering. Imagine, having God Himself speak to
you about your behavior and you act like a spoiled child and
tell Him to "talk to the hand"!!! This is disobedience in the
biggest way. Cain disregarded God's worthiness by giving
Him only what he felt like giving Him and not offering Him
the best of what he had. We are selfish like that today in
giving God what is left over. But since God is ruler over all,
He demands that we give Him our firstfruits, the best of us,
the best of whatever we have, it all belongs to Him. We
wouldn't have any of it it weren't for Him anyway. But we are
a selfish breed of people.

Abel on the other hand honored God with his firstfruits. He
made atonement for his sins by giving God the best with a
right heart. God doesn't care about the amount, he looks at
the motive in which we give, He looks at our hearts. God
was pleased with Abel's offering, but Cain's on the other
hand was an insult to Him. God came down and told him
face to face that he had a choice to either do good or to give
into the sin that would always be crouching at the door. God
knew that after Adam and Eve's temptation, we would all be
facing the same temptations but we have a choice to either
open the door and let it in, or keep it locked and walk away.
Temptation must be mastered.

God said He would give us the strength to master it if we so
choose. He will give us the strength to make the right
decision because He promises to never leave us nor
foresake us. This is wonderful news, but Cain chose not to
heed the good news. Just like a spoiled child, he probably
sat there with his arms crossed in disrespect. And we
wonder where our children get this attitude today? Cain's
bad attitude was a sin of self-righteousness, pride and no
regard for God's advice. Instead he deliberately turned
around and murdered his brother out of his emotions.
These emotions of anger, rage, and jealousy are all carnal
which lead to an inevitable death. His heart was corrupted
with sin, therefore commiting a contemptable act of murder.
He broke the first law of "Thou Shalt Not Kill", which God
later made into one of the 10 Commandments for us to
follow today. As a result of his disobedience, God cursed
him with spiritual and eternal death, because Cain never
atoned for his sin. In other words, he reaped just what he

1 Jn. 3:12 tells us not to be like Cain who took his nature
and motivation from the evil one. His motives were wicked
and malicious while his brother's were righteous.

Jude 1:11 says, "Woe" to those who run riotously in the way
of Cain. He abandoned himself for the sake of his own gain.

There is no way around God, we cannot continue to be
stubborn and think that He won't deal with us. It's time we
wake up and realize that we are "not all that and a bag of
chips." We do have a choice, God gave us that freedom, but
the consequences are also ours to bear. We can either
resist the temptation or not. What's important is not to be
fooled into thinking that we can do it on our own. No one can
withstand the temptation of sin without God's help. He
promises to be faithful to His Word and His compassionate
nature. He is very patient with us. We can turn around at any
time no matter what we've done if we confess our sins and
admit that we can not do this without Him by accepting His
one and only Son Jesus Christ as our intercessor. Don't let
the enemy lie to you by thinking you are not worthy. The truth
is, no one is worthy. That is the price that Jesus paid for
when He hung on the cross and took all our sins as a
ransom for our lives. He was the only One worthy because
He Himself was without sin.

Once you are saved by grace, God will give you the strength
and patience to bear up under the pressures of the outside
world, which is carnal. However, He doesn't promise it to be
an easy journey, there will be struggles and many trials, but
He will equip us with the knowledge to fight it. When we say,
"The devil made me do it" is only self deception. Even the
devil can't make us do the wrong thing, he's not that
powerful. We give him too much credit. Everything is a free
will choice, don't ever assume otherwise or blame anyone
or anything else for your responsibility.

Just how are we suppose to do the right thing? It's simple,
we are to get rooted and grounded in God's Word. He has a
whole book of instructions. Just like the Israelites who were
fed on the "Rock", it's still the same "Rock" today. We are to
feast on the Bread of Life, which is Christ. He is also the
"Living Water". When we eat and drink this, we will never go
hungry or thirsty again. We are guaranteed a place in the
Lamb's Book of Life. Is your name written in it?

To merely read the Bible is not sufficient, you must
understand it or it will not fulfill your hunger. God's Word
must feed us spiritually so that it will create in us a new way
of living. The battlefield is in our minds and our minds are
what guide us and tell us what to do. As a man thinketh, so
he is. What kind of thoughts are running through your head
today? Consequently if we have wrong motives then we are
obviously being starved to death, literally. Ask yourself if you
are spiritually fed or do you still hunger for more?

Remember when Paul said that the wages of sin is death?
The choice is up to you. Do you long for eternity in heaven or
hell? Choose one because they are both real.

If you're not sure of your salvation, get honest with God today
and ask Him to forgive your sins, even the ones you are not
aware of. He knows your heart and will reveal them to you.
Take Jesus as your Lord and Savior and tell Him you can't
do this on your own. If this confession is from a pure heart,
God will honor your request and you will soon start seeing a
difference in your life. It's amazing how free you will be once
you realize that you now have an eternal life in heaven and
will inherit all that God has for you.
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Daily Bible Study – An Essential For the Believer

The person who is too busy to have a daily Bible study is too busy. God did not intend for man to live life at a frantic pace. The Scriptures teach us to "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). When we always work and never rest we experience a subtle form of self-destruction. Our soul loses touch with God. We no longer sense God's presence. The solution for this condition is to slow down, focus on God and listen for His voice. Being alone with God enables us to breathe the air of eternity. When we set our hearts on things above, we see another world; we see Jesus standing at the right hand of God (Acts 7:55). Consider how Moses, David, Daniel and Jesus demonstrated the importance of taking time to re-orient their life around God and not themselves.

Exodus 33:7-11 Moses set up a "tent of meeting" outside the camp, some distance away. Anyone inquiring of the Lord could go to the tent of meeting. As Moses went into the tent the pillar of cloud would come down and stay at the entrance. The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man would speak with a friend.

Psalm 119:164 Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws.

Daniel 6:10 Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.

Mark 1:35 Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and when off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Gordon MacDonald tells a story from African colonial history: In the deep jungles of Africa, a traveler was making a long journey. Natives had been engaged from tribe to tribe to carry the loads. The first day they marched rapidly and went far. The traveler had high hopes of a speedy journey. But the second morning these jungle tribesmen refused to move. On inquiry as to the reason for this strange behavior, the traveler was informed that they had gone too fast the first day and they were now waiting for their souls to catch up with their bodies.

Do you have a "tent of meeting" where you spend time alone with God? For many years my "tent of meeting" has been a near-by restaurant. Early every morning I hold an appointment with God himself. When I was first learning the practice of daily Bible study, I would write TAG (Time alone with God) in my calendar. Once scheduled, it becomes an appointment I keep.

How about you? Perhaps it's time to make an appointment with God for a daily Bible study so your soul can catch up with your body.
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Gold and Silver Violet Flame – A Healing and Transformational Tool

One of my angel teachers, Susan, is a heavy goods vehicle driver. She had a new lorry and was on a run abroad where there had been many break-ins. Her husband suggested she find another job but her response was that she was perfectly safe as she called in the Silver Violet Flame to surround her lorry. Soon after the conversation she took a photo of the vehicle and there all round it is a cloud of silver violet light.

So why did she feel so safe when her lorry was held in the light of the Silver Violet Flame?

History of the Gold and Silver Violet Flame

The Gold and Silver Violet Flame is one of the most powerful healing and transformational tools that we have been given. It is a divine gift and blessing and each time another ray is added it becomes more refined and gracious.

In Golden Atlantis the Violet Flame was one of the powers that people could access because of its ability to transmute negativity, especially in relationships. So whenever a disagreement of any sort took place the people involved invoked the Violet Flame and all the negativity was dissolved. As Atlantis devolved, the Violet Flame was misused, so it was withdrawn. Only a few esoteric groups retained the understanding of it. One was Elizabeth Clare Prophet who wrote her lovely little book Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul to keep the knowledge of it alive.

The Violet Flame of Transmutation

In 1987 the Earth started a twenty five year period of purification in preparation for 2012. In August of that year at the Harmonic Convergence so many light workers prayed for help for our planet that St Germain petitioned Source for the return of the Violet Flame for use by the whole of humanity.

The Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony

In 1988 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the Violet Flame. When this is invoked negative energy is transmuted, then replaced with something beautiful and harmonious.

The Gold and Silver Violet Flame

In the last year we have been offered the ultimate blessing, the merging of the fifth dimensional Gold Ray of Wisdom with the Silver Violet Flame. Wherever you focus the Gold Silver and Violet Flame, it transmutes the old, harmonizes it, then raises the situation, place or relationship to the fifth dimension and holds it there.

How you can invoke it?

You can invoke the Gold and Silver Violet Flame by calling it in aloud or mentally or you can visualize it, imagine or sense it surrounding the place, person or situation in question.

What you can use it for?

You can visualize it burning up negativity in part of your body or send it to someone who is sick. You can send it to dissolve anything that is holding you or a friend back. Where there is disharmony in relationships or between cultures, invoke its transmuting, healing power. Ask it to blaze a trail in front of you purifying and harmonizing your pathway. Use it to transmute your own or other people's anger, fear or negativity. Send it to clear the energy of war and disruption. Picture it blazing wherever there is need of cleansing.

Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel works with St Germain as guardian of the Violet Flame. With Archangel Mariel he looks after your Soul Star chakra, which is about eighteen centimeters above your crown and opens as you expand your consciousness. Visualizing the Gold and Silver Violet Flame within your Soul Star will accelerate your ascension.
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Test The Theories Of the Laws Of Attraction In Your Life

Have you discovered the power of the laws of attraction yet? Are you someone who thinks positively? Have you noticed yet that if you're feeling negative, nothing good typically follows. They say that bad things happen in threes but the truth is that bad things happen even more often when bad attitudes are at play.

If you're someone who thinks that life has dealt you a bad hand and therefore you might not be destined for greatness, it's time for you to test the laws of attraction in your life and see what it can do for you. Do you have anything to lose by thinking positively?

For a moment, look at your life as if through an outsider's eyes. Do you see a cloud of doom and gloom? If you start looking at your life through fresh eyes, maybe you can see how you could handle things differently. Perhaps you'll see how past mistakes might have been avoided.

It's time to create positive energy around yourself. It's time to think about what you can do instead of what you cannot do. The theory of the power of the laws of attraction is proven and has shown time and again that when you put positive energy out there and surround yourself with positive people, you can almost immediately see a difference in the world around you.

Life coaches use many methods including the laws of attraction to help you learn the secrets behind being successful. These secrets can help you unleash your own potential to get absolutely anything your heart desires (short of world domination, most likely). One of the most important aspects of success coaching is teaching people that it is within their power to change their own life. Life coaching is about much more and can include a tailored plan that looks at what you want from life as well as what's stopped you from getting it in the past.

Is it time for you to surround yourself with positive energy? How different would that environment be for you? Could that help you operate in a way that changes everything? It can! Positive energy yields positive results.

Steps Toward Success

First, isn't it worth it to try changing your life for the better by taking the small step forward of making a conscious effort to think differently? Learn about the laws of attraction by picking up a copy of The Science Of Getting Rich. It's free. Use that as your stepping stone toward the direction of changing the way you think.

Then, find a mentor and let that someone guide you. Look for someone who inspires you and motivates you. If you're ready for real results, you might want to hire a life coach. If you're not ready yet, take the step of changing the way you think first. It can make a huge difference to you.

Also, surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself. This doesn't mean you want to be worshiped but you'll notice that if you are around negative people, it'll drag you down. Instead, look for positive role models and mentors who also use the laws of attraction in their lives. Positive yields positive and negative begets negative.

Take the time to test out the theories of positive thinking. Be your own mentor for starters by looking at your life objectively and you can soon see that success will quickly follow.
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