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Fraud Websites & Investment Scams

Recognizing The Signs of Fraud

Financial scams have been on the rise around the world, and unfortunately, have been rising in sophistication. Fraud was introduced to the Internet most notably by the Nigeria 411 scams, i.e. advance fee fraud. That was then, this is now.

Scammers today are using worldwide access to the Internet to their advantage. Accounts such as webhosting a new website, bank and credit accounts can now be easily opened on the Internet, from any location. Having some false identification gives the scammer the upper hand here, as he has essentially created an alias with little, if any, traceable information.

The False Website Approach

Many financial scams are taking the form of the classic advance fee fraud, but with a higher level of sophistication and tactics. Websites are often created with templates or a design is stolen from another reputable and legal investment company. Once the site is complete, the criminal has created what appears to be a legitimate website and company. The headquarters for these fictitious firms are often located in the United States, so the website claims. These sites are mearly a tool for fraud.

How to distinguish a real investment website from a fraudulent one? Search Google and Yahoo for the company to determine if there are other sites referencing the firm. Check the site itself to see if the firm has contact information. A website without an address or phone number is a red flag for potential fraud or scam. Search phone directories for the firm's telephone number. Lastly, check with the SEC's website for signs on how to recognize these investment scams, and to verify registration of the firm.

Knowing the Signs of Fraud

Although the level of sophistication in these scams continues to rise, an educated consumer can know the difference. Scammers today always contact their victims with an offer - the potential victim has been selected. The firm representative may speak perfect English, and even understand investments and asset management. He may even request you submit an IRS form and other documents. Bottom line, this person will request personal data and/or payment promptly and without ever meeting you. Be skeptical and ask for the firms' references and SEC filing.

Getting Verification

If you've searched the Internet for references, checked local phone listings, maybe even contacted the SEC for verification, and spoke with company representatives and claimed references - and you're still not sure? Contact a professional investigation company, like Wymoo International or Philippine PI for help. Get the facts on who your dealing with - then decide.

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The Dangers of Provisional Patent Applications

Provisional applications used to be the very first step of the patent application process. Provisional applications were typically written by the inventor and then sent over to the USPTO.  Sometimes, these  provisionals were proof read by a patent attorney even though they were incomplete.  As a result, inventors would save time and money. Unfortunately,case law now requires that provisional patent applications be completely enabling and nearly match up word for word with their non provisional counterparts.

The main problem with Provisional applications is the fact that all of the enabling information has to be provided in the provisional.  And this provisional must match up with a high degree of similarity with the non provisional in order to be in pendency.  If this requirement is not met, then the subsequent patent will not be enforceable at trial.

The concept of Enablement requires that the patent show all the pieces, steps, and embodiments necessary to teach one skilled in the art how to make and use the invention. As such, the specification and the drawings must be complete.

One of the main reasons that people used to prefer provisionals over non provisional patent application is the idea that they can put off a large amount of the cost. Moreover, it used to be thought that they can get your foot in the door a lot quicker, and then you will be patent pending a lot sooner.

The fact is that provisional patent applications should only be able to save 20-25% of the attorney’s fees if done properly.  The reason for this is that most of the attorney’s fees are directed to the specification and drawings.  And for many patent attorneys, the specification is broadly outlined from the claims to begin with.

For these reasons, in the event that you do choose to use a provisional you need to make sure you have an experienced patent attorney draft the provisional.  The application must include all of the embodiments, parts that an ordinary nonprovisional would include.

Los Angeles County Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney in Los Angeles County

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An Internet Celebrity is Born in Southern Africa

The good news is that I have started on my celebrity journey. I could have put ‘Swaziland’ in the topic, but I chose Southern Africa because its my target area of dominance. Being a celebrity doesn’t just come, but it is earned. Today I’m writing articles to this directory as I also improve my online profile in my blog ‘’. I have learnt with great pain the success that comes with commitment and one that ends up at international recognition and eventually makes one a celebrity, that its by choice and often celebrities are promoted by group work. For example, Beyonce Knowles started out, or at least got noticed, with Destiny’s Child and she picked music as the sole life blood of her success. Similarly,  Michael Jackson with his brothers, so are many other musicians.



The internet is a business forum that can be used for many purposes. Many have started up motivational businesses based on the success they have made online. I believe that as I learn the tricks and grow my online earnings through my tested combination, I will make internet marketing my model for success. 165 motivational articles are posted to date in my blog, and I know they are read all over the world to make my name known in all four corners of the world. I notice with interest the growing number of articles that are translated into other languages and surely know that this makes good mileage for both my blog and my name also.


Unfortunately, some celebrities have to push their own agenda on their own, without getting assistance from anyone. I’m am one of those, and shall make it happen in the near future.  Actions speak louder than words and my celebrity agenda shall confirm it. I’m no lay about looser to fail reaching the 2 percent that make it big in internet marketing. Allow me to take up the challenge and simply watching my moves. You are welcome to view my articles that will inspire you to adopt an ‘none-failure’ attitude that will take you trough to seeing your dreams manifest.

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A Guide to Implementing Backup HIPAA Data Offsite Guidelines

With new regulations in play more and more companies are considering backup HIPAA data offsite solutions. In some cases it's the law and in other's our health records are one thing most of us want to keep private. The reason for this consideration involves the HIPAA legislation, its effects on the health care industry, what those effects mean for data storage, and what medical offices need to consider. By reviewing this information on backup HIPAA data offsite storage, you may be better prepared to make choices about your storage solutions.

To understand the issue, you may need background on the HIPAA legislation. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, became law in 1996. The purpose of the law was to ensure people would maintain health care coverage if they changed jobs. However, Title II of the law dealt with Administrative Simplification, specifically how to deal with electronic data about health care. Obviously, the passage of the law had a drastic effect on the health care industry. And probably more importantly paved the way for an increase in backup HIPAA data offsite providers.

Because of the Administrative Simplification portion of the law, medical facilities today must take great care when dealing with a patient's electronic files. For example, HIPAA required a hierarchical approach to data access. Physicians might be able to access patient information that would not be available to the nurse. Protecting the data from unauthorized access became crucial. As a result, the law has affected the way data storage backups are handled in the medical field. As a consequence backup HIPAA data offsite services have had to adjust there service offerings.

Today, data storage for these facilities must be carefully controlled. HIPAA requires that all of the data be backed up and that data must be secured with 100% reliability. The government wants to make sure no one gets into your personal medical records. That means, however, that backup HIPAA data offsite storage facilities must take special precautions to ensure the service they provide meets these requirements.

If you're looking for offsite-backup for HIPAA data storage, you should look for a few factors. Make sure to find out if the storage service specializes in this type of data storage. There are many that do. You should also ask about the back up process, security, and storage to make sure you are comfortable with how the data will be handled.

Overall, the HIPAA law has changed the way medical facilities deal with patients' electronic medical information. Remember to do careful research on any storage service before trusting them with your data, especially when you're dealing with this sensitive data. Armed with this knowledge, hopefully, you'll feel confident to make a wise storage decision.
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Christian Debt Relief: The Principles Behind It

Christian debt relief would be a new term for most of us. We might find it vague but if we know the purpose of such, we will come to understand the deeper meaning of the words.

The concept believes that we cannot be spiritually free if we have a lot of financial obligations. We will find it difficult to give God all the glory if our minds are being stressed with the various money concerns that we have. The solution Christian debt relief offers is simple. Live humbly and within your means, and God will definitely be happy.

The Principles of Christian Debt Relief

There are principles that govern the existence of Christian debt relief as other debt management programs have. In this modern time of ours, it maybe hard to live up with this principles but we must learn to believe.

Here are some of the governing guidelines of the program:

The burden of debt. Once we indulge to the cravings of having to loan money from others, we are bound to burden ourselves with not just the principal amount but the interests of the loaned money. There is no such clean loan, so to speak especially that we are living in the difficult times where every move we make is a money's worth. As mentioned earlier, we should live simply. Should there be financial costs to a debt, that is, interests and other fees, there is also the so-called spiritual cost.

The path to freedom. The principle of Christian debt relief on this aspect is to help lower interest rates for our obligation. Monthly payments are restructured thereby allowing debts to be settled with simplicity and integrity.

Living the mission. The principle of Christian debt relief is to bring people closer to God. If we are indebted, our minds are blocked with the financial concerns that we have thereby hindering our relationship with God. Our focus is on how to settle our debts and throughout the process of this thinking, we forget to seek spiritual healing.

The Spiritual Cost to Christian Debt Relief

The spiritual cost is a higher cost paid than that of the financial cost. If we are financially bound to pay so many obligations, we are not spiritually free. It is a known fact that financial burden causes strife between husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and business partners.

Try talking to your husband about debts that you have. Most of the time, you will notice that he will be silent. Later on in the course of the issue, he will keep on talking to you about it. He will ask you where you spent the money despite him providing all the needs of the family. This is when you need Christian debt relief.

Living the Biblical Path

Part of the mission of a Christian debt relief program is for us to later on return to living the biblical path. This path has the following steps to follow:

Give tithes to God first before spending money for other purposes.

Engage in charitable works

Try to find ways to resolve obligations in order to have Christian debt relief.

Trusting God is important in order to settle financial commitments. Seek the help of counsels, friends, and relatives. We cannot solve problems on our own.

Resolving obligations through our own means, that is without consulting others or seeking help from them is far from the mission of Christian debt relief. Finding ways to solve things on our own will lead to more problems. Our loved ones will definitely feel betrayed. We have to let others partake in our solutions to get Christian debt relief.

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How To Write A Functional Resume

These days, knowing how to write a functional resume is more important than ever. Of course, the information on your resume is important, but also the format, look, and feel of that resume is just as important. With employers often going through hundreds of applicants in the job market right now, you need a resume that really grabs their attention.

The appearance of your resume not only denotes your ability to produce such a document, but also makes the difference whether your resume is looked at or immediately set aside. No matter how impressive your background, if the employer does not pick up the resume to read it, the job is gone.

Make sure when you create your resume, do so in a manner that that is functional for the reader. This means generous margins, an easy to read font type, a sense of overall balance, and definitely clear organization. The world we live in is hectic with many facets, so if you cannot organize your own time-line, your potential employer probably will not feel you can properly organize their business.

In regards to the content of the resume, before all else, check for errors. Once again, you may have quite an impressive work history, but if your resume has typos, it will inevitably end up in the toss pile. Also, make the content honest, and do not add self-congratulations. If your list your job duties and they impress your potential employer, let that person be the one to congratulate you.

The final part in how to write a functional resume is in understanding what elements should go into your resume. The main rule of thumb is, leave it out if it does not help. Include your identifying information, meaning your name and contact information, your overall job objective (this should match the job ad), your educational background, employment history, and references.

Your resume, minus any cover letter, should not exceed two pages. This is supposed to get you in the door for an interview. You want to peek their interest by impressing them with your resume's appearance, content, and elements. Then, be prepared to expand upon the information in the interview. Finally, do not be afraid to state that references are available upon demand, if references are going to pop over to a third page.

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Quitclaim – Warranty and Survivorship Deeds: How to Create and File a Deed (in Plain English!)

The issue of correctly transferring property can be vitally important, as real property is often a person's largest and most valuable asset. If you need to transfer the ownership of real property from one person to another, you will need to use a Deed to do so - but which one. That answer depends on what is the reason for the transfer, what goals are intended by the transfer and who is going to hold title to the property after the transfer.

Basically, a Deed acts as the document showing the transfer of a piece of property from one person or party to another. Upon the closing of a real estate transaction, the purchaser of the property will tender the purchase price to the seller who then tender a Deed to the purchaser - who will then file the Deed with the recorder's office or real estate office in the county where the property is located. In other cases where there is no true "sale" but title to real estate is transferred from one person to another without significant payment (e.g. a mother or father transfers property to a child or other relative), a Deed is also utilized to transfer title and the Deed is filed with the appropriate recorder's office. In either case, a fee for filing the Deed and transferring the property will usually be required.

On the Deed, the sellers must provide the legal description of the property - this description (which is NOT the address) legally identifies the property. It is CRUCIAL that this information be accurately set forth on the Deed. The seller/grantor (i.e. the person transferring title) must sign the Deed in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses must both sign and print their names. The purchaser or transferee does not have to sign the Deed. The seller must also have the Deed notarized - meaning that it must be signed in the presence of a notary or the seller must testify to the notary that his/her true and accurate signature appears on the Deed.


Warranty Deed

A Warranty Deed by definition is a Deed which conveys the title to property whereby the seller makes some guarantee that the title will be good and unencumbered, except as stated on the Deed, and agrees to defend and protect the purchaser against any loss that may arise in the future from any defect in the title at the time of conveyance.

The warranty Deed is the most common type of Deed used to transfer property from one individual or business to another. Warranty Deeds usually require that a title search be conducted to ensure that the property is free and clear of liens or encumbrances. Any lien or encumbrance discovered would effectively "cloud" the title of the property and make warranting the property risky or impossible.

This Deed can be used to conveying property from a seller to a purchaser in a variety of situations - most commonly when a person or couple purchases a house from a homeowner and needs to transfer title; or when a relative desires to name another person as the co-owner of a house or parcel of property that he or she currently owns by him or herself.

Quitclaim Deed

This type of Deed contains no "warranties" that the property is being transferred with good title or without encumbrances except those that are filed on record, nor is any joint tenancy or right of survivorship created. This Deed tells the person accepting the title to the real property that they will be taking whatever rights or interests that the seller or grantor has in the property, nothing more and nothing less. Often, in true arms-length sales of real estate, a buyer should insist on a warranty Deed rather than a quitclaim Deed - since the buyer would want the protections of the warranties that are offered through that kind of Deed.

This Quitclaim Deed can be used to conveying property from a seller to a purchaser in a variety of situations. For example, when one spouse or relative desires to transfer property to another spouse relative, or name another person as the co-owner of a house or parcel of property that he or she currently owns by him or herself, a quitclaim Deed can be uses. Also, when property is transferred from a person to his or her trust, a quitclaim Deed is often used. Further, this type of Deed is often used to transfer property from spouses that become divorced.

Survivorship Deeds

This Deed is a warranty Deed with "survivorship" rights created. This Deed creates a joint tenancy (sometimes called a survivorship tenancy) between two or more grantees (again, the persons taking title to the property), with the grantees each typically owning an undivided interest in the whole of the property. Upon the death of one of the grantees, his/her interest passes in equal shares to the surviving joint tenant(s) - to accomplish this, an affidavit is usually filed in the county Deed records office to evidence the transfer. Since the property transfers to the other grantee, the deceased grantee's prior interest in the property is not a probate asset, but is included in the estate for state estate tax purposes. Where husband and wife are in title in survivorship, divorce terminates the survivorship tenancy and creates a tenancy in common between ex-spouses - unless the divorce decree specifically provides otherwise.

This Deed is be used most commonly when a person or couple purchases a house from a homeowner and each desires the joint ownership and survivorship features, when a relative desires to name another person as the co-owner of a house or parcel of property that he or she currently owns by him or herself or from one spouse to both spouses. Again, the grantees or purchasers who take title to this property also do so "with survivorship," meaning that if one of the purchasers dies the other retains title to the property.

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Spirituality and Morality Are Two Unrelated Phenomena

A few days back a story drew media's attention the most. A woman called her paramour to her house and in the evening when they both were making love she triggered a bullet into him. Police came and arrested the woman claiming that she broke a law by killing a person and she would be punished accordingly. Some neighbors said that it was highly immoral to spend time with one's paramour by the time they are not committed to each other. Others said that it was not ethical to call a person to your home and kill him in the name of love. Pujari Ji said that the religion was going to sink if such love relations would be fostered to kill others.

By the evening this matter became the centre of discussion of the entire neighborhood and then the whole locality. Everyone was expressing same or similar views. In the evening a small boy came and turned the tables just upside down. He solved every thing. He said that every one of those critiques was so despaired because the inhabitants of that colony, including the critiques were not spiders. The entire problem was there because that was a society of homo sapience and not of the six legged web weaving insect.

In Australia there is a spider called 'Redback Spider'. In the mating season when the male comes to the female and starts copulation, the female eats up that male by the time this copulation is complete. No police come and arrest that female nor does it hurt any morality or ethics or religion of spiders. Even no adverse comment is heard from any corner because there is no crisis of any value established by spider's society. There is no violation of any norm established by the group of learneds.

Right from the beginning, the societies used to lay down and then approve some practices to meet the requirement of Minimum Friction Within. These societies then laid down the standards of 'good' and 'bad', 'right' and 'wrong', 'proper' and 'improper' etc. All these were meant for the smooth working of that society. Some societies laid down the moral code of conduct for the slaves also. It was highly immoral for a slave to have an eye on his master's wealth or woman. In some societies like old Hindu and traditional Muslim it was highly immoral and unethical for a woman to violate her husband's wish. However in some other societies e.g. trained and nurtured in the modern western values such morality in itself is highly immoral because it violates the equal status of women.

Hence in a given society only those values and norms are moral and ethical which are in the better interest of that society. A society always tries to live as long as possible. This is a bid of survival of a society as a unity. In doing so it makes choices between the beneficial and detrimental to the objectives set out by it. It regulates the behaviors of its subjects. It requires its members to follow a set of practices. This practice is the morality of that society. For eventualities, when under new and unprecedented circumstances such practice is not available as recommended, that society lays down some criteria also to be guided with. This set of criteria is called the ethics.

'Ram steals bread' shows a moral violation. Morality is violated. This action is not in conformity with the society which had laid down the moral 'do not steal'. 'Ram fed a starving person'. The morality is uplifted. It is in conformity with the moral 'Help the needy ones', 'feed the hungry ones', 'save other's life'. But sometimes "Ram steals bread to feed a starving person". Here is a conflict within morals. The problem is resolved by having resort to the criterion provided by the ethics.

The morality, the ethics and the practices recommended by them are to regulate the behaviour of an individual towards others. These others may be the other members of the same society or the members of some others societies.

Subsequently societies developed their political set ups also to evolve new practices; enforce them and also punish for their violation. This branch assumed the name of the law and law Courts.

But this all including the morality, the ethics and the law were only to regulate the outer behaviour of a subject. This is all external; imposed from outside; enforced from outside and observed from outside. No society or system will object to your most contrary beliefs and notions so long as your external conduct is in conformity with its morals or laws. The societies have nothing to do with your internal fabric. They are in expectations of your external conduct to be in conformity with their practices - the morals or the ethics or the laws.

All morals, ethics and laws presuppose the existence of others. This existence of others is independent of anyone else in the society. The morals, ethics and the laws are all Bipolar Processes. It envisages YOU the doer and those OTHERS who would face the result of your deeds. These morals, ethics and the laws are the bridges bridging the individuals. For all the morals, ethics and the laws (hereinafter these will collectively be termed as External Trio) the existence of plurality of individuals is an essence. Without a plurality and the interconnections amongst that plurality this External Trio is void ab initio. It is meaningless. It loses its worth.

Now take the spirituality. But before entering the domain of spirituality the meaning of "Bipolar Process" ought to be made clear. This "Bipolar Process" was discussed in the preceding paragraphs while dealing with the issue of the External Trio. It was said there that this External Trio is essentially a Bipolar Process involving "You" and "the Others".

The outside world enters you as sensations through your senses. Your mind processes these sensations and produces information or knowledge for you. All the empirical knowledge has two components. One is the sensation from the outer world and the other is the processed product of your mind.

When the concepts of one person are expressed to others it is through verbal conversation. In all verbal conversations there are generally two elements one relates to the fact regarding the sensation you received through your senses and the other is the mental element provided by your mind. When the facts are in contradistinction to each others a mental element is taken recourse of to overcome the stagnation of contradistinction of facts. "Ram steals bread to feed a starving person" involves two facts (may be moral or legal or ethical) in contradistinction to each other. The matter is resolved by a mental process giving more weight to one fact over the other.

These mental elements embedding the sensations are called thoughts. The thoughts are essentially based on sensations received by your senses. May be, some thoughts appear to be free from the empirical basis. But it is not so.

You may think of an animal with the tail like a horse and the body like a lion. But it is nothing more than a new permutation - combination of your sensation about tail, horse, lion and body etc. Your mind gives these combinations new names as a child gives different names to the different shapes made from the same clay.

Your thoughts are essentially a mixture of 'you' and 'the outer world'. The world is present in your thoughts in the form of raw sensations and you are there as the mental element. All your thoughts are, hence, bipolar. One pole of your thoughts is the crude information in the form of sensation and the other pole is you in the form your mental element. Your all thoughts including morality, ethics and law are mixtures of this bipolar material. Your thoughts are not purely YOU.

You do not exist purely in your thoughts. Your thoughts are not You. Your thoughts are "something" mixed with you. Presently that something is not termed as good or as bad. But that "something" makes outside world flow from outside into you. That "something" facilitates encroachment for the outer world over you. Your thoughts are an 'encroachment upon you'.

English philosopher David Hume said that he sat into meditation and found nothing as "me" inside him. He found only a train of thoughts flowing from one end to the other. The flow was quite turbulent. No rule of flow was there. Thoughts originated randomly. Lived randomly; and disappeared randomly. At last Hume declared that there was nothing as "me" inside.

The observation of Hume was correct but his conclusion was incorrect. He could not recognize that the reason for his illusion was a psychological habit. He found a train of thoughts inside and concluded that there was nothing beyond that train.

You are born without thoughts. You receive only sensations. As you grow you are taught to give words to those sensations. When these words shroud your sensations they give rise to thoughts. You are brought up with thoughts. You are motivated to create more and more thoughts. This creation of thoughts is then appreciated as your intelligence. You are made to grow in perpetual association with thoughts. In your unawareness you become addicted to your thoughts. Your are never told that your thoughts are only a way of interaction with outer world and that you exist beyond your thoughts, and that you exist prior to your thoughts.

What Hume observed as a train of thoughts was only his psychological addiction. Neither he tried to see beyond that addiction nor did anybody lead him beyond that addiction. He remained entangled with his bipolar existence. Most of you also do the same. You find a thought train running inside you. You identify yourself with that thought train. You are appreciated by the outside world and by yourself also for more and more thoughts inside you. You are overshadowed by your thoughts. You take yourself as granted as a cloud of thoughts. You feel satisfied because others appreciate you. This is again bipolar.

You feel satisfied not because you find it a satisfactory state but because others say that you should feel satisfied being shrouded in thoughts. Now you are trapped in the vicious circle of Bipolarity. More you identify yourself with the bipolarity more it encompasses you. More you are encompassed by the bipolarity more you identify yourself with it.

Bipolarity exists only by the time it encompasses you. It makes you believe that you are not you but you are that Bipolarity. Indian school of thoughts called this Bipolarity as Jagat and its encompassing power as Maya.

It may sound new to some readers that the real existence beyond the empirical sensations is possible. But it is the truth. The need is only to uncover (and not to discover) it. By closing your eyes you may try to feel the existence without the sense of viewing. By closing your ears you may try the same for without the sense of hearing. The same can be repeated for other senses taken one or more at a time. People generally ask if it is possible to exist without all five senses and the sixth one the mind. To such people it is explained that it is all possible. You daily exist without your senses during your REM sleep (dreams). Likewise you go beyond this state and exist without your senses and even without mind in your deep sleep. You can exist, initially for small durations, without your senses and mind.

The Indian school has found a solution and named it Dhyan, Dhaarna and Samaadhi. These are the techniques which liberate you from the encroachment of the outside world. These techniques make you pure from the intrusion of Bipolarity. The methodology used in these techniques, is termed by the Indian scholars as spirituality. The spirituality sifts out the Bipolarity from you and your vision. You start losing your misidentity with the Bipolarity. The spirituality makes you free from the incarceration of Bipolarity. In fact, spirituality is your existence prior to the start of Bipolarity. The spirituality is your existence beyond and untainted with the Bipolarity. It gives you realization regarding the nature of Bipolarity i.e. the Jagat, its encompassing power the Maya.

In bipolarity you exist seeking your image in the eyes of others. Bipolarity is a web of expectations - expectations in you regarding others and expectations of others regarding you. You do things and acts not because of you but because of others. You speak truth not because of you but because of canons. You help others not because it flows from your existence but in expectation of heavens in expectations of reward of beautiful sirens.

In spirituality, you exist untainted. You exist in awareness of your form and substance. You exist without the help of others. You exist in yourself i.e. without an expectation of your being in others. You transcend the bipolarity and exist in unipolarity. Now you are not thoughts but you are an existence. You are not an entity now but you are a part of an infinity; you are an infinity. Here your existence is unipolar. You exist in yourself. You have transcended the bipolarity.

Spirituality is a new concept for the west. New at least, on the level it is being discussed here in this article. One Danah Zohar has propounded her idea on spirituality. She has worked to show that spiritually awakened people perform better not only in the spiritual arena but also in the domain of worldly affairs. She has then given about 12 characteristics of spiritually awakened people i.e. those who have spiritual intelligence. She propounds that spiritually awakened people generally prefer moral way of living. Spiritually awakened people have a holistic view of the problems.

It appears that Danah has read about spirituality but has never been able to attain it. Her effort is misleading as it does not distinguish between the spirituality and morality. It tries to show the morality as a synonym of spirituality and vice versa. She has never realized that it is like inferring the existence of a man from the shawl he wraps over his shoulders. If the spirituality is inferred from the morality then the same spirituality can also be inferred from his lies, cheating and other vices. If the existence of a man is inferred from his shawl then why it is not inferred again from his shirt, gloves or undergarments. Danah has no answer.

It is again proposed here that the spirituality is independent of all other things. It does not require you to be in relation with others. It is a state of existence which starts when everything else ornamental to the existence ceases to be. The spirituality is the essence while the morality is only contingent to it. You may wear different clothes but you remain you. Your existence does not depend on your dress. If you start inferring your existence from your dress then this will also be incorrect. In that case sometimes there would be a scarecrow under the dress and the results would be incorrect. You will be repeating the mistake of Danah Zohar of inferring spirituality of a man from his morality. Better not to do it.

Morality is nothing more than a suitability in a given set of conditions. That's why different societies have different moralities. Even the same society may have different moralities at different points of time. Had there been a 'Redback Spider' critic it would have seen the conduct of the human being highly immoral where the same females copulates with the same male again and again repeatedly. A value highly praised in the human morality would be strongly abhorred by the spiders.

A moral value (and so is the true of the complete External Trio and any thing having worldly meaning) is only contingent to you. Your spirituality is the domain. Everything else is an auxiliary. Only You are the truth.
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Pure Adventures in Costa Rica

I had long wanted to visit Costa Rica. Travelers from around the world had extolled its virtues - a land of great natural beauty with the Caribbean on one side, the Pacific on the other and a lot of wild mountains and rainforests and friendly people in between.

On my Costa Rica holiday, this was not immediately apparent in San José, the grubby little capital in a highland valley. There are no elegant structures, but no one ever said that Costa Rica was known for architecture. Its beauty lies not in its buildings but in its environment.


Monteverde Costa Rica - Cloud Forest
Driving northwest of San Jose we travelled up into the clouds to Monteverde, the most peaceful place on Earth. Monteverde is a place to make oneself at home in an eco-friendly lodge and settle into the beauty of the Tilaran Mountains.

This stems from a community of Quaker farmers who arrived in the area from Alabama in 1950, after refusing to register for military service in the United States. At the time, they were looking for somewhere they could raise dairy cattle, without being called upon to shoot anybody. They chose Costa Rica largely because it had taken the surprising but enlightened decision to abolish its armed forces, following a brief civil war. To this day the little country of about four million people has no army, no navy and no air force.

The Quakers soon grew harmony with nature and their neighbours. From the beginning they had been careful to preserve the forest above their land, and now the botanists and the tourists were coming, and this benefited the wider community. "I'm content, I've been able to live according to my conscience," Says Alejandro, one of the first Quakers to have settled there. "There is a sense of achievement."

"I don't feel I am the owner, how can anyone own a forest that has existed for thousands of years?" he said quite sensibly as we strolled towards his house through a meadow. "I think of myself more as a custodian."

Arenal Costa Rica - Volcano
Like most travellers, we travelled to Arenal volcano, the most spectacular feature of Costa Rica. Travellers generally contend themselves with seeing the volcano but there is more to that. The vegetation in the region is exotic. I was drawn to every plant, to every flower that I admit, had not seen before.

The last time the Arenal volcano blew its top on July 29, 1968, it wiped out two villages, killed 80 people an incinerated 45,000 head of cattle. When we walked to its base, it continued its ominous rumblings like an angry bull terrier tied to a mast and belching ash and lava at us. The region is spawned with resorts from which one can observe its fiery convulsion; from a respectful distance.

It is also an activity destination; you can go biking, hiking, horseback riding, quad biking and canopy tours or take a guided rainforest walk. Later, try one of the many hot baths.


Tortuguero Costa Rica - National Park
A long journey through a banana plantation we reached north of Puerto Limon. From where adventurous tourists take a shallow-draught boat to Tortuguero, and get to see the wildlife at close quarters on canoe trips through the sort of jungle favoured by Indiana Jones.

The gods did not design the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica for mass tourism. It is hot and humid, and characterised by mangroves, swamps and rain. The local joke is that it rains 15 months a year. Because of the nature of the land, or rather the lack of it; there are no roads in or out of the Tortuguero National Park which encompasses a coastal swamp forest interlaced with rivers and canals. This is good news for a colony of green sea turtles that breeds there, as well as a menagerie of monkeys and sloths and anteaters and iguanas and crocodiles and frigate birds and kingfishers.

Poison-arrow frogs
It is useful in such places to have a guide who knows where to find tiny, scarlet poison-arrow frogs, and to explain the life and death dramas enacted on Heliconia atisphata. This is a plant with strings of red beak-shaped fruits that attracts humming birds which feed on its nectar, and in the process transfer pollen dusted on their foreheads. Unfortunately this little-known fact is common knowledge among eyelash vipers, who lie in wait for humming bird suppers.

Veragua Rainforest Adventure:
On our return, we visited the area's newest attraction, the Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure Park, located 40 minutes from the town of Limon. The Veragua experience, with guided tour and lunch, includes a gondola tram ride through the rainforest canopy, a butterfly garden, a reptile vivarium, a hummingbird garden, the largest nocturnal indoor frog garden in the world, spectacular walking trails through the primary rainforest, a grand waterfall and a working scientific research station.

"Everything has a purpose, and everything is recycled," Diego, our guide observes. He explains that the leaves and mosses of cloud forests act as condensing surfaces, converting mist into drops of water that nourish the forest and form streams that provide local communities with fresh water. He has an expression for this perennial cycle. Ecological karma, he calls it.

The government shares his appreciation of wilderness areas, and has passed laws protecting more than a quarter of the country in one form or another. The ethos of a country that prefers wildlife to warfare is summed up by a popular T-shirt bearing a declaration by a North American native chief in 1854. "Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we cannot eat money."

Costa Rica thus has its head in the clouds and its feet firmly planted in rich volcanic soil and a stable democracy that has soared it the violent upheavals of its unruly neighbours in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The philosophy of its good- natured people is expressed in a popular saying, pura vida, meaning literally "pure life".
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